Quick Facts

Cyclone Football Team, 1895


In what year were the various sports teams created?

Men's Sports:
Baseball:  1892
Basketball: 1908
Football:  1892
Swimming: 1917
Track:  1893
Wrestling: 1916


Who played the Campanile Bells?

1899-1931: student bell-ringers
1931-1969: Ira Schroeder
1969-1971: Bruce Eberle
1971-1973; 1991-1992: Marilyn Anderson
1973-1991: Richard von Grabow
1994-present: Tin-shi Tam



The image was taken in the State Gym during the influenza epidemic of 1918.  After the College Hospital exceeded capacity, patients were housed in the State Gym. Fifty-one people at Iowa State died during the epidemic.