Deans' Offices

Files to be Transferred to the Iowa State University Archives:

All paper and electronic records transferable to the Iowa State University Archives must be six years old or older prior to their transfer. Please consult the University Archives' Policy and Procedure for Transfer of University Records prior to preparing your offices' files for transfer to the University Archives. Further assistance is available from the University Archives, (515) 294-6672.

  • Accreditation files
    • Records concerning the college's accreditation. May include correspondence, reports, questionnaires, guidelines, and other related records.
  • Alumni Association files
    • Records concerning the college's business with the ISU Alumni Association and the particular chapters related to the college. May include memoranda, correspondence, reports, publications, and other related records.
  • Annual reports files
    • Annual reports of the college and annual reports submitted by its academic departments.
  • Audit reports files
    • Audit reports of the college and related records.
  • Calendars of Events, college and its academic departments
  • College committees and councils files
    • Records concerning committees and councils that are either internal to the college or are university-wide in nature.
  • Deans' correspondence files, including email
  • Deans' memoranda files
    • Particularly memoranda with units of ISU with an emphasis on the college's departments, other deans' offices, the provost's office and other upper level university administrators.
  • Departmental programs files
    • Records concerning academic programs of the college's academic departments. Files may include documents relating to additions, changes, or deletions in existing programs.
  • Departmental reports files
    • Copies of reports submitted by the college's academic departments.
  • Extension files
    • Any correspondence, photographs, or printed materials that document the work of University Extension.
  • Faculty lists and directories of the college
  • General administrative files
    • May contain records concerning the college's administration such as reports, memoranda, correspondence, directives, meeting minutes and other related records.
  • Grant proposal files
    • Proposals for grants awarded to the college and/or its academic departments. Proposals should be filed with the Grants File which contains other documents on the particular grant project.
  • Grants files
    • Records concerning specific grants awarded to and/or administered by the college and/or its academic departments. May include administrative documents, grant proposals, reports, regulations and guidelines, correspondence, audits and other related records.
  • History files
    • General informational files on the development of the college or its academic departments. May contain notes, typescripts, publications, newsletters, reports, correspondence, photographs, and other related records.
  • Honor societies files
    • Records concerning the college's business with academic honor societies.
  • Meetings files, faculty
    • Records concerning college faculty meetings. May include memoranda, agenda, meeting minutes, reports, and other related records.
  • Meetings files, staff
    • Records concerning college staff meetings. May include memoranda, agenda, meeting minutes, reports, and other related records.
  • Organizations and associations files
    • Records concerning various faculty, staff, student, and professional organizations and associations with which the college deals. Files may include correspondence, reports, publications, minutes, announcements, and other related records.
  • Photograph files
    • Photographic prints and/or negatives of the college's activities, functions, facilities, and its faculty, staff and students.
  • Policy and procedure files and manuals
    • Includes files and manuals for college-wide policies as well as policy files and manuals specific to the college's academic departments.
  • Publications, college
    • College publications and publications of its academic departments.
  • Publications, faculty
    • Publications by the faculty of the college. Publications of non-ISU faculty are to be destroyed when their usefulness as reference files ends.
  • Research projects reports and files
    • Records concerning the college's research projects. May include reports, correspondence, memoranda, project proposals, project descriptions, and other related records.
  • Self-Study reports and files
  • Special gifts files
    • Records concerning special gifts to the college or its academic departments, May include correspondence, agreements and stipulations, descriptions of gifts, accession information and other related records.
  • Speeches files
    • Scripts of speeches given by the Dean.


Files NOT ACCEPTED by the ISU University Archives (to be destroyed):

  • Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Files
  • Applications for employment files
  • Budget files
  • Career planning/placement files
  • Catalog entries, ISU files
  • Clippings Files
  • Conferences/workshops files, conducted by or attended by the dean/dean's office
  • Contracts, leases, and agreements files (facilities/services/equipment used by the college)
  • Course lists
  • Energy and utilities files
  • Faculty honors and awards files
  • Faculty recruitment files
  • Financial aid/student loans files
  • Fire and safety inspections files
  • Grant proposals, unapproved
  • Grievance files
  • Leave files
  • Mailing lists
  • Maintenance services files
  • Parking assignment files
  • Payroll time sheets
  • Personnel files (faculty and P&S to Provost's Office, staff to Human Resources)
  • Position description files, non-faculty
  • Purchase orders
  • Receipts
  • Reference files (containing materials of topical interest to college and its departments)
  • Scholarship reference files
  • Search committee files
  • Students awards files
  • Student scholarship awards files
  • Student transfer admissions files
  • Student internship/assistantship files
  • Supplies and equipment files
  • Surplus property files
  • Telephone billing files
  • Tenure files
  • Travel and travel reimbursement files
  • Veteran's benefits files

For further assistance, please contact:
Brad Kuennen
University Archivist
Special Collections and University Archives
403 Parks Library
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011-2102
Phone: (515)294-4216