Documenting the Lives of Iowa State University Faculty

The Iowa State University Archives strives to document our faculty and their experiences related to research, teaching, and service. However, we acknowledge that resources don't allow us to fully capture all aspects of every person's career at Iowa State. The following materials are the kinds of information we are likely to be interested in receiving from faculty. This list is by no means definitive or exhaustive. It is intended as a general approximation of materials which reflect and illuminate the lives of Iowa State University faculty members. Materials not specifically cited below which contribute toward documenting faculty activities are, of course, welcome.

Materials to be considered for donation

Biographical material:

  • resumes
  • vitae
  • bibliographies
  • biographical and autobiographical sketches
  • chronologies
  • genealogies
  • newspaper clippings
  • memoirs
  • financial records


  • Official: outgoing (copies and/or drafts)and incoming letters and memoranda generated in the course of conducting university business.
  • Professional: outgoing and incoming letters relating to all facets of one's academic career, including correspondence with colleagues, publishers, professional organizations, and students.
  • Personal: letters to and from friends, relatives, and business associates.

Diaries, notebooks, and appointment calendars

Classroom material:

  • lecture notes
  • syllabi
  • course outlines
  • reading lists
  • examinations
  • evaluations

Research files:

  • outlines
  • research designs
  • raw data
  • notes
  • analyses
  • report of findings

Departmental and committee records:

  • agenda
  • minutes
  • reports
  • correspondence
  • related material

Drafts of manuscripts of articles, books, and speeches

Published articles and monographs

Audiovisual materials:

  • tapes of lectures
  • speeches
  • discussions
  • interviews
  • videotapes
  • motion pictures


  • prints
  • negatives
  • slides


Materials (in general) NOT to be considered for donation:

  • General conference records
  • Routine financial records, such as bank statements, cancelled checks or receipts
  • Routine correspondence
  • Duplicates and copies of publications
  • Academic records/transcripts files (official copy kept by Registrar's Office)
  • Accident reports files
  • Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity files
  • Applications for employment files
  • Applications for graduation files
  • Budget files
  • Career planning/placement files
  • Class schedule files
  • Comprehensive examinations and exam results files
  • Course enrollment files
  • Credit by examination files
  • Degree listing files
  • Drop/Add forms files
  • Examinations/tests (completed) files
  • Grant proposals, unapproved
  • Grants administration files (receipts, purchase orders, equipment lists, accounting records etc.)
  • Mailing lists
  • Maintenance services files
  • Overtime files
  • Parking assignment files
  • Pass/Fail forms files
  • Payroll time sheet files
  • Placement tests and scores listings files (composite or individual test scores)
  • Position descriptions, non-faculty
  • Prospective graduates files
  • Purchase order files
  • Raised grade files
  • Receipts
  • Repeat course files
  • Scholarship reference files
  • Search committee files
  • Student awards, honors, and scholarships files (to student records, Registrar's Office)
  • Student internship/assistantship files (to student records, Registrar's Office)
  • Student locator (address) files
  • Student ranking files
  • Student records changes files
  • Student teaching certification files (to student records, Registrar's Office)
  • Summer school course offerings files
  • Supplies and equipment files
  • Surplus property files
  • Telephone billing files
  • Textbook requests and orders files
  • Time cards
  • Transfer admissions files
  • Transfer equivalent files
  • Travel request files
  • Travel reimbursement files
  • Veteran's benefits files
  • Work order files

For further assistance, please contact:

Special Collections and University Archives

403 Parks Library
701 Morrill Road
Ames, IA 50011-2102
Phone: (515)294-6672