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Interview transcript portions:

Acrivos, Juana
Dept. of Chemistry, San Jose State University
Degrees: University of Cuba, University of Minnesota

Brown, Jeannette E.
Employed by Merck & Co., Inc., 1969-1995
Degrees: Hunter College; Univ. of Minnesota
Association for Women in Science award (1990)

Cohn, Mildred
Professor of Biophysics and Physical Biochemistry, University of Pennsylvania
Degrees: Columbia University (1938)

Free, Helen
Employed by Miles Laboratory (now Bayer Corporation), 1944-
Degrees:  College of Wooster, OH; Central Michigan University
President, American Chemical Society (1993)
Garvan Medal (1980)

Klinman, Judith
Professor of Chemistry, University of California-Berkeley
Degrees: University of Pennsylvania
National Academy of Science

Morales-Martinez, Zaida
Professor of Chemistry, Florida International University
Degrees: University of Puerto Rico, Penn State

Singleton, Mary
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Degrees: Wheaton, University of California-Berkeley



Archives of Women in Science and Engineering
Special Collections Department, Iowa State University Library