University Archives Collection Inventories

(RS Number = Call Number)


RS 26: College of Design

RS 26/2: Department of Art and Design
  RS 26/2/13: Marjorie S. Garfield Papers
  RS 26/2/17: Nancy L. Polster Papers
  RS 26/2/52: Christian Petersen Papers
  RS 26/2/54: Mary L. Meixner Papers
  RS 26/2/56: Neva Maurine Petersen Papers
RS 26/3: Department of Architecture
  RS 26/3/51: Vernon F. Stone Papers
  RS 26/3/54: Wesley I. Shank Papers
  RS 26/3/55: Eino Olavi Kainlauri Papers
RS 26/5: Department of Landscape Architecture
  RS 26/5/4: Save Outdoor Sculpture! Iowa (Project) Records
  RS 26/5/11: Phillip H. Elwood Papers
  RS 26/5/51: Robert William Dyas Papers
Also of interest:
  RS 21/7/9: Mary Barton Fashion Illustration Collection