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RS 24: Department of Athletics

RS 24/1: Office of the Athletic Director
  RS 24/1/0/3: Winter Sports Press Guides, 1951-1968
RS 24/4: Baseball
  RS 24/4: Baseball Records
RS 24/5: Men's Basketball
  RS 24/5/0/0: Men's Basketball News Clippings
  RS 24/5/0/5: Men's Basketball Programs
  RS 24/5/0/6: Men's Basketball Media Guides
  RS 24/5/1: Men's Basketball Subject Files
RS 24/6: Football
  RS 24/6/0/0: Football News Clippings
  RS 24/6/0/5: Football Programs
  RS 24/6/0/6: Football Media Guides
  RS 24/6/1: Football Subject Files
RS 24/7: Men's Golf
  RS 24/7: Men's Golf Records
RS 24/8: Men's Gymnastics
  RS 24/8: Men's Gymnastics Records
RS 24/9: Men's Swimming and Diving
  RS 24/9: Men's Swimming and Diving Records
RS 24/10: Men's Tennis
  RS 24/10: Men's Tennis Records
RS 24/11: Men's Track and Field
  RS 24/11/0/0: Men's Track and Field News Clippings
  RS 24/11/0/6: Men's Track and Field Media Guides
  RS 24/11/1: Men's Track and Field Subject Files
RS 24/12: Wrestling
  RS 24/12/0/0: Wrestling News Clippings
  RS 24/12/0/5: Wrestling Programs
  RS 24/12/0/6: Wrestling Media Guides
  RS 24/12/1: Wrestling Subject Files
RS 24/14: Men's Cross Country
  RS 24/14/0/0: Men's Cross Country News Clippings
  RS 24/14/0/6: Men's Cross Country Media Guides
  RS 24/14/1: Men's Cross Country Subject Files
RS 24/15: Women's Volleyball
  RS 24/15/0/0: Women's Volleyball News Clippings
  RS 24/15/0/6: Women's Volleyball Media Guides
  RS 24/15/1: Women's Volleyball Subject Files
RS 24/16: Women's Softball
  RS 24/16/0/0: Women's Softball News Clippings
  RS 24/16/0/6: Women's Softball Media Guides
  RS 24/16/1: Women's Softball Subject Files
RS 24/17: Women's Women's Soccer
  RS 24/17/0/0: Women's Soccer New Clippings
  RS 24/17/0/6: Women's Soccer Media Guides
  RS 24/17/1: Women's Soccer Subject Files
RS 24/18: Women's Basketball
  RS 24/18/0/0: Women's Basketball News Clippings
  RS 24/18/0/3: Women's Basketball Brochures
  RS 24/18/0/5: Women's Basketball Programs
  RS 24/18/0/6: Women's Basketball Media Guides
  RS 24/18/1: Women's Basketball Subject Files
RS 24/19: Women's Women's Golf
  RS 24/19/0/0: Women's Golf News Clippings
  RS 24/19/0/6: Women's Golf Media Guides
  RS 24/19/1: Women's Golf Subject Files
RS 24/20: Women's Gymnastics
  RS 24/20/0/0: Women's Gymnastics News Clippings
  RS 24/20/0/6: Women's Gymnastics Media Guides
  RS 24/20/1: Women's Gymnastics Subject Files
RS 24/21: Women's Swimming
  RS 24/21/0/0: Women's Swimming News Clippings
  RS 24/21/0/6: Women's Swimming Media Guides
  RS 24/21/1: Women's Swimming Subject Files
RS 24/22: Women's Tennis
  RS 24/22/0/0: Women's Tennis News Clippings
  RS 24/22/0/6: Women's Tennis Media Guides
  RS 24/22/1: Women's Tennis Subject Files
RS 24/23: Women's Track and Field
  RS 24/23/0/0: Women's Track and Field News Clippings
  RS 24/23/0/6: Women's Track and Field Media Guides
  RS 24/23/1: Women's Track and Field Subject Files
RS 24/24: Women's Cross Country
  RS 24/24/0/0: Women's Cross Country News Clippings
  RS 24/24/0/6: Women's Cross Country Media Guides
  RS 24/24/1: Women's Cross Country Subject Files
  RS 24/24/3: Women's Cross Country 1985 Plane Crash Records