University Archives Collection Inventories

(RS Number = Call Number)


RS 21: Alumni Affairs

RS 21/2: Alumni Association
  RS 21/2/1: Alumni Association Subject Files
  RS 21/2/4: Iowa State University Alumni Band Association
  RS 21/2/5: Iowa State University Student Alumni Leadership Council Records
  RS 21/2/6: Alumni Association Alumni Days Records
  RS 21/2/7: Alumni Association Honors and Awards Records
  RS 21/2/8: Alumni Association Administrative Records
  RS 21/2/13: Wallace E. Barron Papers
RS 21/3: Iowa State University Foundation
  RS 21/3/1: Iowa State University Foundation Subject Files
  RS 21/3/4: Iowa State University Foundation Fundraising Campaign Files
  RS 21/3/6: Green Hills Retirement Community Records
RS 21/4: Stanton Memorial Carillon Foundation
  RS 21/4: Stanton Memorial Carillon Foundation Records
RS 21/5: Iowa State Memorial Union
  RS 21/5/1: Iowa State Memorial Union Records
RS 21/7: Alumni and Former Students
  RS 21/7/2: George Washington Carver Collection
  RS 21/7/3: Carrie Chapman Catt Collection
  RS 21/7/4: George W. Catt Papers
  RS 21/7/5: Henry A. Wallace Collection
  RS 21/7/6: Clarence D. Chamberlin Papers
  RS 21/7/7: Jessie V. Coles Papers
  RS 21/7/8: Raymond F. Baker Papers
  RS 21/7/9: Mary Barton Fashion Illustration Collection
  RS 21/7/11: Paul L. Harding Papers (pdf file)
  RS 21/7/12: Roswell Garst Papers (pdf file)
  RS 21/7/13: Ernest E. Behn Papers
  RS 21/7/15: George Andrew Heikens Papers
  RS 21/7/16: Oscar L. Lawson Papers
  RS 21/7/19: Frederick D. Patterson Collection
  RS 21/7/21: Edgar Lamont Tenney Papers
  RS 21/7/22: Richard Albert Tewkesbury Papers
  RS 21/7/23: Jack Trice Papers
  RS 21/7/24: Alda and Elmina Wilson Papers
  RS 21/7/26: Willet M. Hays Papers
  RS 21/7/27: R. E. McCurdy Reminiscences
  RS 21/7/28: Della Neal Papers
 RS 21/7/29:Berkley Bedell Papers
  RS 21/7/30: J. C. (Joseph Charles) Arthur Papers
  RS 21/7/31: Arthur B. Church Papers (pdf file)
  RS 21/7/33: Fred R. White Papers
  RS 21/7/34: Walter W. Goeppinger Papers
  RS 21/7/35: Gertrude L. Sunderlin Papers
  RS 21/7/38: Rex B. Conn Papers
  RS 21/7/39: Herbert Miller Papers
  RS 21/7/40: Fred B. Hanson Papers
  RS 21/7/42: Herbert Plambeck Papers (pdf file)
  RS 21/7/43: Everett B. Speaker Papers
  RS 21/7/44: E. Howard Hill Papers
  RS 21/7/45: William Corwin Stuart Papers
  RS 21/7/47: Walter R. Hagen Papers
  RS 21/7/48: Mary E. Price Roberts Papers
  RS 21/7/49: Fan-Chi Kung Papers
  RS 21/7/55: Ralph A. Olsen Papers
  RS 21/7/57: Bert Benjamin Papers
  RS 21/7/58: Charles N. Dietz Papers
  RS 21/7/59: Henry and Ann Brunnier Papers
  RS 21/7/64: Arthur C. Hanson Papers
  RS 21/7/65: J. Marion Steddom Papers
  RS 21/7/66: Walter Gormly Papers
  RS 21/7/69: Charles Laverty Papers
  RS 21/7/74: Carl L.aurel Telleen Papers
  RS 21/7/75: Kenneth J. Benda Papers
  RS 21/7/80: Albert A. Klingebiel Papers
  RS 21/7/81: Raymond T. Benson Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/83: Muriel Collier Papers
  RS 21/7/85: Juliette Wylie Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/86: Doris Mary (Hill) Cromer Papers
  RS 21/7/89: Gladys McCarty Beck Papers
  RS 21/7/90: Francis E. Fuller Photograph Album
  RS 21/7/91: Patrick John O'Connell Papers
  RS 21/7/92: Helen D. Gunderson Papers (pdf file)
  RS 21/7/94: Frank Abraham Papers
  RS 21/7/95: Alta Cooper Papers
  RS 21/7/97: Adelbert E. Wallace Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/98: Raymond and Doris Durey George Papers
  RS 21/7/99: Ralph E. Speer, Jr. Papers
  RS 21/7/100: Darleane C. Hoffman Papers
  RS 21/7/101: Russel D. and Hazel McLaughlin Miller Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/103: Harry Rex Porter Papers
  RS 21/7/104: Amelia Madsen Kemper Papers
  RS 21/7/106: Bessie Gerstenberger Papers
  RS 21/7/107: Lillian E. Seydel Rich Sorden Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/109: Hilda White Papers
  RS 21/7/111: Paul J. Meginnis Papers
  RS 21/7/114: Myron A. Johnson Papers
  RS 21/7/116: Walter Wayne Umland Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/117: Beatrice M. Bruner Dowd Papers
  RS 21/7/119: James W. M. Dean Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/120: Ben F. Schlagel Papers
  RS 21/7/122: Wilfred Mervin Taylor Iowa State College Scrapbook and Photographs
  RS 21/7/124: Leona Hougen Papers
  RS 21/7/125: Richard E. Ford Papers
  RS 21/7/126: D. R. (Donald Richard) Theophilus Papers
  RS 21/7/127: August Beck Papers
  RS 21/7/128: Mary Helen Merriam Stewart Papers
  RS 21/7/130: Charles O. Grigsby, Jr. Papers
  RS 21/7/131: Frank Wayne Calderwood Papers
  RS 21/7/132: Dale E. Madden Papers
  RS 21/7/134: Josephine Hungerford Dodds Papers
  RS 21/7/135: Frank S. Whitney Papers
  RS 21/7/136: Cora Belle Keith Pierce Botanical Specimen Book
  RS 21/7/137: Miller R. Brooks Papers
  RS 21/7/138: John Burke Gagnon Papers
  RS 21/7/139: Marcia Berd Sontag Papers
  RS 21/7/140: Frank W. George Botanical Speciman Book
  RS 21/7/141: Ruth Megchelsen Sabine Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/142: Wilbur N. Hunt Botanical Specimen Book
  RS 21/7/144: Richard L. Sanner Papers
  RS 21/7/145: Randall E. Matson Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/147: Lorris A. Foster Foster Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/148: Jean Nickerson Patterson Curtiss-Wright Engineering Records
  RS 21/7/149: Lottie M. Rogers Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/150: Tom Sutherland Collection
  RS 21/7/151: Farwell T. Brown Papers
  RS 21/7/154: Tracy Regan Papers
  RS 21/7/157: Alma and Floyd Bunnell Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/158: Ralph Williams Photograph Album
  RS 21/7/159: Gladys Mae Holliday Letsch Photograph Album
  RS 21/7/162: Fabian Stratton Autograph Book
  RS 21/7/163: Martha Alice Kellog Autograph Book
  RS 21/7/164: Abner Danielson Photograph Album
  RS 21/7/166: Carl Z. Paysen Papers
  RS 21/7/168: F. C. (Frank Champion) Murphy Papers
  RS 21/7/172: Charles A. Barthold Slides
  RS 21/7/174: Dorleen E. (Aulerich) Witt Scrapbooks
  RS 21/7/175: Kimberly Northland Papers
  RS 21/7/177: Irving E. Loveland Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/179: Ian Ringgenberg Papers
  RS 21/7/181: Earl Douglass Papers
  RS 21/7/184: Carl A. Bluedorn Papers
  RS 21/7/187: William S. Husband Computer Manufacturing Collection
  RS 21/7/188: Helen B. (Vermeer) Hayes Papers
  RS 21/7/189: James L. Kenney Papers
  RS 21/7/190: Gertrude G. Clifford Papers
  RS 21/7/192: Russell McNellis Papers
  RS 21/7/193: Richard K. Seim Papers (pdf file)
  RS 21/7/194: Jean M. MacFarlane Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/195: Marian A. Smith Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/197: Mary Jean Logan Sweet Curtiss-Wright Engineering Records
  RS 21/7/198: Sally J. Pederson Papers
  RS 21/7/200: Merle P. Prater Papers
  RS 21/7/201: Marianne Crow Larsen Papers
  RS 21/7/204: George R. Flower Diary
  RS 21/7/206: Monroe C. Litteer Photograph Album
  RS 21/7/207: Alethea E. Paul Sleight Papers
  RS 21/7/208: John E. van der Linden Papers
  RS 21/7/210: Arnold B. Skromme Papers
  RS 21/7/211: C. J. "Slim" Craychee Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/212: J. Verald Brown Papers
  RS 21/7/213: F. Gale McClean Papers
  RS 21/7/214: A. Robert Koch Papers
  RS 21/7/215: Bernard Mahler Timberg Oral Histories
  RS 21/7/216: William M. Hogue Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/217: Lou Curtis Foster Autograph and Photograph Album
  RS 21/7/218: Roy and Clara (Shinkle) Little Papers
  RS 21/7/219: Robert Jack Sharps Letters
  RS 21/7/220: Sue Mullins Papers
  RS 21/7/221: Frank and Jeannette Schultz Scrapbooks
  RS 21/7/223: Roger M. Goetz Papers
  RS 21/7/224: Lee Walther Kordus Papers
  RS 21/7/225: M. Joan Kilty O'Brien Papers
  RS 21/7/226: Margaret Morgan Hauptmann Papers
  RS 21/7/227: Lawrence Skromme Agricultural Machinery Literature Collection
  RS 21/7/228: Iris Macumber and Ruth (Macumber) Follmer Papers
  RS 21/7/229: Charles F. Keithahn Papers
  RS 21/7/230: Deborah Fink Papers
  RS 21/7/231: Anthony Roy and Bessie Combs Photograph Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/232: Donald E. Larew Papers
  RS 21/7/233: Charles T. Manatt Papers
  RS 21/7/234: George T. Wills Engineering Drawing Book
  RS 21/7/235: LaVerne and Ida Noyes Collection
  RS 21/7/236: Richard Christian Papers
  RS 21/7/237: J. J. Streets Papers
  RS 21/7/238: Marjorie Griffin Groll Papers
  RS 21/7/240: Lottie L. Estes Letters
  RS 21/7/241: Dwight Ink Papers
  RS 21/7/242: Michelle Moeller Papers
  RS 21/7/243: Susan Carberry Drtina Papers
  RS 21/7/244: Harry Warren Paine Automobile Ephemera Collection
  RS 21/7/245: William A. Smith Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/246: Linda Wild Papers
  RS 21/7/248: Virgil D. Kirby Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/249: Ada Foley Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/250: Mary E. (Graf) Speer Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/251: Leo Thomas Webber Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/254: Gerald Maurice Watson Diary
  RS 21/7/260: Philip Cecil McConnell Scrapbook
  RS 21/7/262: Henry M. Holmes Papers
  RS 21/7/269: Benjamin Worrell Lake LaVerne Archaeological Site Materials
 RS 21/7/272:Charles Alfred Norman Picture Postcard Album
  MS 275: M. K. (Mary Krumboltz) Hurd Papers
  MS 361: Roy V. Scott Papers
RS 21/8: Alumni Families
  RS 21/8/1: Shaw Family Papers
  RS 21/8/5: Hill Family Papers
  RS 21/8/6: Vandervelde Family Papers
  RS 21/8/7: Odegaard Family Papers
  RS 21/8/8: Vandenburgh Family Papers
  RS 21/8/9: Lawyer Family Papers
  RS 21/8/11: Deane and Marion A. Gunderson Family Papers
  RS 21/8/12: Henry Montgomery and Bernice Bernard Black Family Papers