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Cooperative Extension Service Publications

The Cooperative Extension Service at Iowa State University produces many publications each year. Many of these titles can be discovered by searching the Iowa State Library catalog. Other titles have been organized in the University Archives Record Series. Please visit the University Archives to view these titles.


Cooperative Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/5: 4-H Club Work Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/6: Home Management Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/7: Poultry Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/8: Agriculture and Engineering Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/9: Horticulture Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/10: Landscape Architecture Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/11: Animal Husbandry Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/12: Veterinary Medicine Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/13: Agricultural Economics Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/14: Forestry Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/15: Wildlife Conservation Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/16: Dairy Husbandry and Dairy Products Extension Service Publications and Records
  RS 16/3/0/17: Bee Keeping Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/18: Home Furnishing Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/19: Botany and Plant Pathology Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/20: Food and Nutrition Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/21: Entomology Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/22: Agronomy Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/23: Child Care and Family Relationships Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/24: Rural Sociology Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/25: Textiles and Clothing Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/26: Agricultural Education and Publicity Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/0/27: Demonstration Farm Reports
  RS 16/3/0/28: Iowa Farm Bureau Federation and Extension Service Forms and Publications
  RS 16/3/0/29: CS Series
  RS 16/3/0/30: CL Series (Clothing)
  RS 16/3/0/31: CW (College Week) / College Days Series
  RS 16/3/0/32: DMW Series (includes 4-H Program Helps)
  RS 16/3/0/33: DYS Series (Dairy Science)
  RS 16/3/0/34: DFI Series / FT Series / Dairy Industry Report
  RS 16/3/0/35: E Series
  RS 16/3/0/36: EC Series
  RS 16/3/0/37: ED Series (Education)
  RS 16/3/0/38: ENP Series / EFNEP Series (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program)
  RS 16/3/0/39: F Series (Forestry)
  RS 16/3/0/40: Econ Info Series (includes Iowa Crop and Livestock Data reports and Iowa Farm Outlook Chart)
  RS 16/3/0/41: Klothes for Kids
  RS 16/3/0/42: Caring for Children
  RS 16/3/0/43: Extension Reports to Iowa
  RS 16/3/0/44: CP Series (Community Planning)
  RS 16/3/0/45: CP/AG Series (Machinery Management with Microcomputers)
  RS 16/3/0/46: FA Series
  RS 16/3/0/47: FE Series (Family Environment)
  RS 16/3/0/48: FHS Series
  RS 16/3/0/49: Extension News Releases
  RS 16/3/0/50: GEN ECON Series (General Economics)
  RS 16/3/0/51: N Series (includes Food Science and Human Nutrition Newsletter)
  RS 16/3/0/52: Home and Family Radio Service Scripts
  RS 16/3/0/53: Green Sheet
  RS 16/3/0/54: I(RC) Series (Governor's Conference on Iowa in the Year 2000)
  RS 16/3/0/55: HD Series (Human Development)
  RS 16/3/0/56: HE Series (Home Economics)
  RS 16/3/0/57: HF Series
  RS 16/3/0/58: HM Series (Home Management)
  RS 16/3/0/59: IRLC Series
  RS 16/3/0/60: I(CD) Series / I(RL) Series
  RS 16/3/0/61: Extension Service Radio Scripts
  RS 16/3/0/62: FM Series (Farm Management)
  RS 16/3/0/63: Iowa 4-H Center News Releases
  RS 16/3/0/64: Four-H Series
  RS 16/3/0/65: IC Series (Insect Control)
  RS 16/3/0/66: ISP Series
  RS 16/3/0/67: IFM Series
  RS 16/3/0/68: Insect, Weed, and Plant Disease Newsletter
  RS 16/3/0/69: Iowa Youth Poll Series
  RS 16/3/0/70: LFN Series (Lamb Feeder Newsletter)
  RS 16/3/0/71: PA Series
  RS 16/3/0/72: PS Series (Poultry; includes Poultry Newsletter)
  RS 16/3/0/73: NCR Series (Educational Materials Project)
  RS 16/3/0/74: M Series
  RS 16/3/0/75: MA Series
  RS 16/3/0/76: MU Series (Music)
  RS 16/3/0/77: RAP Series (Residue Avoidance Program)
  RS 16/3/0/78: TLT Series (Tomorrow's Leaders Today)
  RS 16/3/0/79: ST Series (Seed Testing)
  RS 16/3/0/80: WL Series (Wildlife)
  RS 16/3/0/81: V Series (Veterinary)
  RS 16/3/0/82: What's News: Digest of Writing Tips and Helps for County and Home Deomonstration Agents
  RS 16/3/0/83:  
  RS 16/3/0/84: CSI Series
  RS 16/3/0/85: SOC Series (Sociology)
  RS 16/3/0/86: Woodland Owners Newsletter
  RS 16/3/0/87: Ornamental and Turf Newsletter
  RS 16/3/0/88: ECS Newsletter
  RS 16/3/0/89: MFD Series
  RS 16/3/0/90: FP Series
  RS 16/3/0/91: IP Series
  RS 16/3/0/92: IPM Series
  RS 16/3/0/93: PDO Series
  RS 16/3/0/94: BSB Series
  RS 16/3/0/95: M2000 Series (Money 2000)
  RS 16/3/0/96: ICH Series (Iowa Concern Hotline)
  RS 16/3/0/97: ICM Series (Integrated Crop Management)
  RS 16/3/0/98: IGQI Series (Iowa Grain Quality Initiative)
  RS 16/3/0/99: BFC Series (Beginning a Farming Career)
  RS 16/3/0/100: Plant Disease Newsletter
  RS 16/3/0/101: Iowa Land Value Survey Summaries
  RS 16/3/0/102: Plain Economic Sense
  RS 16/3/0/103: S List
  RS 16/3/0/104: Iowa Textiles and Apparel Industry News
  RS 16/3/0/105: Integrated Crop Management Newsletter
  RS 16/3/0/106: AEP Series (Agricultural Engineering Plan)
  RS 16/3/0/107: RYP Series (Rural Young People)
  RS 16/3/0/108: Hawkeye Recreatory Program
  RS 16/3/0/109: Iowa Master Gardener Handbook
  RS 16/3/0/110: WPO Series (Workplace Options)
  RS 16/3/0/111: YH Series (Youth Health)
  RS 16/3/0/112: Parenting Pipeline newsletter
  RS 16/3/0/113: Recovery Series (Disaster Recovery)
  RS 16/3/0/114 Farm Lease Newsletter