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RS 16: Vice-Provost for Extension

RS 16/1: Office of the Vice President
 RS 16/1/0/0:News Clippings
  RS 16/1/0/1: Annual Reports
  RS 16/1/0/2: Newsletters
 RS 16/1/0/3:Brochures
 RS 16/1/0/4:Publications
 RS 16/1/1:Administrative Files
  RS 16/1/11: Marvin A. Anderson Papers
  RS 16/1/16: Stanley R. Johnson Papers
RS 16/3: Cooperative Extension Service in Agriculture and Home Economics
  RS 16/3/0/.. : Extension Service Publications
  RS 16/3/3/1: Extension Art and Design Program Files
  RS 16/3/3/2: Extension Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Files
  RS 16/3/3/3: Extension Food and Nutrition Program Files
  RS 16/3/3/4: Extension Forestry Program Files
  RS 16/3/3/5: Extension Home Economics Program Files
  RS 16/3/3/6: Extension Horticulture Program Files
  RS 16/3/3/7: Extension Music Program Files
  RS 16/3/3/8: Extension Rural Sociology Program Files
  RS 16/3/11: Perry G. Holden Papers
  RS 16/3/13: Ralph K. Bliss Papers
  RS 16/3/51: Harold M. Nichols Papers
  RS 16/3/54: Lauren K. Soth Papers
  RS 16/3/55: Martin L. Mosher Papers
  RS 16/3/56: Paul C. Taff Papers
  RS 16/3/57: William Homer Stacy Papers (pdf file)
  RS 16/3/58: Kemper Kirkpatrick Papers
  RS 16/3/59: Nora Workman Papers
  RS 16/3/60: Jessie Field Shambaugh Ephemeral Collection
  RS 16/3/62: Janis Finley Stone Papers
  RS 16/3/63: Gerald Edward Parsons Papers
  RS 16/3/66: James F. Kearns Papers
  RS 16/3/67: Arthur W. Rudnick Papers
RS 16/3/4: Iowa 4-H
  RS 16/3/4: 4-H Youth Development Records (pdf file)
  RS 16/3/4,
Box 57:
Paul Sauerbry's 4-H Scrapbook
 RS 16/3/4/2:International Farm Youth Exchange Correspondence
  RS 16/3/4/3: Story County 4-H Clubs (Iowa) Records
  RS 16/3/4/51: Verneil M. Anderson Branstad Papers
  RS 16/3/4/52: Marie Thelma Mann 4-H Record Book
  RS 16/3/4/53: Lucille Peterson 4-H Record Book
  RS 16/3/4/54: Evelyn M. Peterson 4-H Record Book
  RS 16/3/4/55: Elva J. Brown 4-H Scrapbooks
  RS 16/3/4/56: Junior Eugene Ellis Papers
  RS 16/3/4/60: Luella Naylor 4-H Record Book
  RS 16/3/4/61: Mary H. Morton 4-H Records
  RS 21/7/243: Susan Carberry Drtina Papers
  RS 21/7/246: Linda Wild Papers
RS 16/3/7: Iowa 4-H Foundation
  RS 16/3/7/0/0: Iowa 4-H Foundation News Clippings
  RS 16/3/7/0/1: Iowa 4-H Foundation Annual Reports
  RS 16/3/7/0/2: Iowa 4-H Foundation Newsletters
  RS 16/3/7/0/3: Iowa 4-H Foundation Brochures
  RS 16/3/7/0/4: Iowa 4-H Foundation Publications
  RS 16/3/7/1: Iowa 4-H Foundation Subject Files
  RS 16/3/7/2: Iowa 4-H Foundation Biographical Files
  RS 16/3/7/3: Iowa 4-H Foundation Administrative Records
  RS 16/3/7/4: Langwood 4-H Reserve Records
  RS 16/3/7/51: Gerald A. Lineweaver Papers
RS 16/5: Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development
  RS 16/5/5: Life in Iowa Internship Program Records
RS 16/6: Area and County Extension
  RS 16/6/0/1: Area and County Extension Annual Reports
  RS 16/6/1: Area and County Extension Administrative Files