University Archives Collection Inventories

(RS Number = Call Number)


RS 14: College of Veterinary Medicine

RS 14/1: Office of the Dean
  RS 14/1/2: Biographical Files, 1916-[ongoing]
  RS 14/1/3: Cabinet Meeting Minutes
  RS 14/1/4: Faculty Meeting Minutes
  RS 14/1/8: Administrative Records
  RS 14/1/11: Millikan Stalker Papers
  RS 14/1/13: Charles Henry Stange Papers
  RS 14/1/14: Charles Murray Papers
  RS 14/1/16: Ival Arthur Merchant Papers
  RS 14/1/18: Ralph L. Kitchell Papers
  RS 14/1/19: Phillip Theodore Pearson Papers
  RS 14/1/21: Richard F. Ross Papers
 RS 14/1/22:Norman F. Cheville Papers
RS 14/2: Department of Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine
  RS 14/2/2: Biographical Files, 1966-1977
  RS 14/2/3: Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Case Log Books, 1947-1987 
  RS 14/2/52: H. Scott Hurd Papers
RS 14/4: Department of Biomedical Sciences
  RS 14/4/2: Biographical Files, 1908-[ongoing]
RS 14/6: Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Preventative Medicine
  RS 14/6/11: R. Allen Packer Papers
  RS 14/6/51: George W. Beran Papers
RS 14/7: Department of Veterinary Pathology
  RS 14/7/12: Edward A. Benbrook Papers
  RS 14/7/13: F. K. (Frank Kenneth) Ramsey Papers
  RS 14/7/51: Margaret Wragg Sloss Papers