University Archives Collection Inventories

(RS Number = Call Number)


RS 13: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

RS 13/1: Office of the Dean
  RS 13/1/14: Samuel W. Beyer Papers
  RS 13/1/17: Harold V. Gaskill Papers
  RS 13/1/26: Elizabeth "Betsy" Hoffman Papers
  RS 13/1/51: Ruth Bowman Swenson Papers
RS 13/5: Department of Botany
  RS 13/5/1: Department of Botany Subject Files
  RS 13/5/2: Department of Botany Biographical Files
  RS 13/5/3: Department of Botany Administrative Records
  RS 13/5/4: Department of Botany Class Project Records
  RS 13/5/5: Department of Botany Seminar Records
  RS 13/5/6: Iowa State College-Guatemala Tropical Research Center Records
  RS 13/5/11: Charles E. Bessey Papers
  RS 13/5/13: Louis H. Pammel Papers (.pdf file)
  RS 13/5/14: Irving E. Melhus Papers
  RS 13/5/20: L. H. (Lois Hattery) Tiffany Papers (.pdf file)
  RS 13/5/51: Joseph Charles Gilman Papers
  RS 13/5/53: Richard W. Pohl  Papers
  RS 13/5/54: Arthur L. Bakke  Papers
  RS 13/5/55: Ada Hayden Papers
  RS 13/5/58: George Knaphus Papers
RS 13/6: Department of Chemistry
  RS 13/6/5: Department of Chemistry Oral History Collection
  RS 13/6/17: Charles A. Goetz Papers
  RS 13/6/20: Robert J. Angelici Papers (pdf file)
  RS 13/6/51: Nellie Naylor Papers
  RS 13/6/52: Henry Gilman Papers (pdf file)
  RS 13/6/53: Harry J. Svec Papers (pdf file)
  RS 13/6/56: Rachel Edgar Papers
  RS 13/6/57: Patricia A. Thiel Papers (pdf file)
  RS 13/6/58: Katherine Trahanovsky Papers
  RS 13/6/59: Glen Russell Papers
  RS 13/6/60: Bernard W. King Papers
  RS 13/6/61: George S. Hammond Papers
  RS 13/6/62: Ellis I. Fulmer Papers
  RS 13/6/63: Victor E. Nelson Papers
  RS 13/6/64: John A. Wilkinson Papers
RS 13/7: Department of Computer Science
  RS 13/7/2: Department of Computer Science Biographical Files
  RS 13/7/3: Department of Computer Science Administrative Records
  RS 13/7/6: Department of Computer Course Syllabi
  RS 13/7/11: Robert Stewart Papers
  RS 13/7/13: Arthur Oldehoeft Papers
  RS 13/7/14: Leslie Miller Papers
  RS 13/7/51: Albert Baker Papers
  RS 13/7/52: James M. Bieman Papers
  RS 13/7/59: Suraj C. Kothari Papers
RS 13/8: Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
  RS 13/8/12: Charles S. Gwynne Papers
  RS 13/8/51: Lyle V. A. Sendlein Papers
RS 13/9: Department of Economics
  RS 13/9/0/0: Department of Economics News Clippings
  RS 13/9/0/2: Department of Economics Newsletters
  RS 13/9/0/3: Department of Economics Brochures
  RS 13/9/0/4: Department of Economics Staff Papers
  RS 13/9/0/5: Department of Economics Publications
  RS 13/9/0/6: Ag Policy Update
  RS 13/9/0/8: Iowa-Peru Program Reports
  RS 13/9/0/9: Department of Economics Staff Publications
  RS 13/9/1: Department of Economics Subject Files
  RS 13/9/2: Department of Economics Biographical Files
  RS 13/9/4: Iowa Farmland Value Survey Records
  RS 13/9/5: Center for International Agricultural Finance Records
  RS 13/9/6: Department of Economics Creative Components
  RS 13/9/13: A. G. Black Papers
  RS 13/9/14: Theodore W. Schultz Papers
  RS 13/9/15: William Gordon Murray Papers
  RS 13/9/16: Karl August Fox Papers
  RS 13/9/51: Elizabeth Hoyt Papers
  RS 13/9/52: Gerhard Tintner Papers
  RS 13/9/53: Ronald C. Bentley Papers
  RS 13/9/54: Harold W. Davey Papers
  RS 13/9/55: Frank Robotka Papers
  RS 13/9/56: John F. Timmons Papers
  RS 13/9/57: Neil E. Harl Papers (pdf file)
  RS 13/9/58: Geoffrey Shepherd Papers
  RS 13/9/59: J. T. Scott Papers
  RS 13/9/60: Lehman B. Fletcher Papers
  RS 13/9/61: Herbert B. Howell Papers
  RS 13/9/62: George W. Ladd Papers
  RS 13/9/63: Leigh Tesfatsion Papers
  RS 13/9/64: Ray Earl Wakeley Papers
  RS 13/9/65: Carl C. Malone Papers
  RS 13/9/66: Wallace Ogg Papers
  RS 13/9/67: Dennis R. Starleaf Papers
  RS 13/9/68: David W. Brown Papers
  RS 13/9/69: James R. Prescott Papers
  RS 13/9/70: Robert W. Jolly Papers
  RS 13/9/71: Roger G. Ginder Papers
  RS 13/9/72: Charles W. Meyer Papers
  RS 13/9/73: Kenneth E. Stone Papers
  RS 13/9/74: C. Phillip Baumel Papers
  RS 13/9/75: Robert N. Wisner Papers
RS 13/10: Department of English
  RS 13/10/3: Department of English Administrative Records
  RS 13/10/15: Albert L. Walker Papers
  RS 13/10/52: Pearl Hogrefe Papers
  RS 13/10/53: Richard C. Gustafson Papers
  RS 13/10/54: Frederick William Lorch Papers
  RS 13/10/56: Leonard and Lilian Feinberg Papers
  RS 13/10/57: Rosanne Potter Papers
  RS 13/10/58: Jane Smiley Papers
  RS 13/10/60: Kathleen Hickok Papers
RS 13/11: Department of World Languages and Cultures
  RS 13/11/14: Alfred P. Kehlenbeck Papers
  RS 13/11/18: James R. Dow Papers
RS 13/12: Department of History
  RS 13/12/4: National History Day in Iowa Records
  RS 13/12/54: Dorothy Schwieder Papers
RS 13/13: Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication
  RS 13/13/18: James Thomas Emmerson Papers
  RS 13/13/51: Richard W. Beckman Family Papers
  RS 13/13/52: Bess and Fred E. Ferguson Papers
  RS 13/13/54: William F. Kunerth Papers
  RS 13/13/55: Jack Shelley Papers
  RS 13/13/57: Rodney Fox Papers
RS 13/14: Department of Mathematics
  RS 13/14/13: Edgar W. Stanton Papers
  RS 13/14/14: Maria M. Roberts Papers
  RS 13/14/51: Edward and Minne Allen Papers
  RS 13/14/52: A. M. Fink Papers
 RS 13/14/53:Alexander Abian Papers
RS 13/15: Department of Microbiology 
  RS 13/15/12: Chester Hamlin Werkman Papers
  RS 13/15/52: Max Levine Papers
RS 13/16: Department of Military Science
  RS 13/16/1: Department of Military Science Subject files
  RS 13/16/4: Curtiss-Wright Engineering Cadettes Program Records
  RS 13/16/11: James L. Geddes Papers
  RS 13/16/13: James Rush Lincoln Papers
  RS 13/16/51: Charles F. Tous Papers
RS 13/17: Department of Music
  RS 13/17/3: Department of Music, Marching Band Records
  RS 13/17/54: Ira Schroeder Papers
 RS 13/17/56:Acton Eric Ostling Papers
 RS 13/17/57:Roger Cichy Papers
  RS 13/17/61: Jimmie Howard Reynolds Papers
  RS 13/17/62: Joseph Zinn Christensen Papers
  RS 13/17/63: Selma M. Plagge Papers
RS 13/20: Department of Physics and Astronomy
  RS 13/20/0/0: Department of Physics and Astronomy News Clippings
  RS 13/20/0/1: Department of Physics and Astronomy Annual Reports
  RS 13/20/0/2: Department of Physics and Astronomy Alumni Newsletters
  RS 13/20/0/3: Department of Physics and Astronomy Brochures
  RS 13/20/0/4: Department of Physics and Astronomy Publications
  RS 13/20/1: Department of Physics and Astronomy Subject Files
  RS 13/20/2: Department of Physics and Astronomy Biographical Files
  RS 13/20/4: John Franklin Carlson Lectures Records
  RS 13/20/5: Physics Salon Photographs
  RS 13/20/6: Erwin W. Fick Observatory Records
 RS 13/20/11:William A. Anthony Collection
  RS 13/20/15: Louis Bevier Spinney Papers
  RS 13/20/51: John V. Atanasoff Papers
 RS 13/20/52:Gordon C. Danielson Papers
  RS 13/20/53: Herbert J. Plagge Papers
  RS 13/20/55: Wilbur C. Thoburn Papers
  RS 13/20/56: L. A. (Lee Anne) Willson Papers
  RS 13/20/57: Willet I. Beavers Papers
RS 13/22: Department of Psychology
  RS 13/22/10: O. H. (Orange Howard) Cessna Papers
  RS 13/22/52: Thomas Franklin Vance Papers
RS 13/23: Theatre Program
  RS 13/23/3: Theatre Program Theatre Production Records
  RS 13/23/5: Theatre Program Scrapbooks
  RS 13/23/51: Fredrica Shattuck Papers
  RS 13/23/52: Kathryn Eames Papers
RS 13/24: Department of Statistics
  RS 13/24/0/1: Department of Statistics Annual Reports
  RS 13/24/0/2: Department of Statistics Newsletters
  RS 13/24/0/3: Department of Statistics Brochures
  RS 13/24/0/4: Department of Statistics Publications
  RS 13/24/0/5: Master Sample of Agriculture (.pdf file)
  RS 13/24/1: Department of Statistics Subject Files
  RS 13/24/2: Department of Statistics Biographical Files
  RS 13/24/4: Department of Statistics Contracts and Projects Records
  RS 13/24/5: Department of Statistics Cyclone Computer Records
  RS 13/24/11: T. A. (Theodore Alfonso) Bancroft Papers
  RS 13/24/12: H. A. (Herbert Aron) David Papers
  RS 13/24/13: Dean L. Isaacson Papers
  RS 13/24/51: George Waddel Snedecor Papers
  RS 13/24/52: Oscar Kempthorne Papers (.pdf file)
  RS 13/24/53: Dorothy St. John Cooke Papers
  RS 13/24/54: Emil Henry Jebe Papers
  RS 13/24/55: Jauvanta Walker Papers
  RS 13/24/56: Carol E. Fuchs Papers
  RS 13/24/57: David Frame Cox Papers
  RS 13/24/58: Alexander McFarlane Mood Papers
  RS 13/24/59: H. O. Hartley Papers
RS 13/25: Department of Zoology and Genetics
  RS 13/25/12: John B. Balinsky Papers
  RS 13/25/51: Paul L. Errington Papers
  RS 13/25/54: Arnold O. Haugen Papers
  RS 13/25/55: George Oscar Hendrickson Papers
  RS 13/25/56: Harry H. Knight Papers
  RS 13/25/57: J. L. Laffoon Papers
  RS 13/25/59: Joan Stadler Papers
  RS 13/25/60: Eugenia Sue Smith Farrar Papers
RS 13/29: Women's and Gender Studies Program
  RS 13/29/3: Women's and Gender Studies Course Materials
RS 13/30: Department of Sociology
  RS 13/30/1: Department of Sociology Subject Files
  RS 13/30/4: Department of Sociology, Iowa State University – China (PRC) interactions records
  RS 13/30/7: Department of Sociology Administrative Files
  RS 13/30/8: Department of Sociology Administrative Handbooks
  RS 13/30/13: Gerald E. Klonglan Papers
  RS 13/30/52: Walter Albin Lunden Papers
RS 13/32: Department of Anthropology
  RS 13/32/52: Dennis M. Warren Papers
RS 13/35: Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology
  RS 13/35/12: Dexter French Papers