University Archives Collection Inventories

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RS 11: College of Engineering

RS 11/1: Office of the Dean
  RS 11/1/0/0: College of Engineering. News Clippings, 1944-[ongoing]
  RS 11/1/0/1: College of Engineering. Annual Reports, 1971-[ongoing]
  RS 11/1/0/2: College of Engineering. Newsletters, 1917-[ongoing]
  RS 11/1/0/3: College of Engineering. Descriptive Brochures, 1904-[ongoing]
  RS 11/1/0/4: College of Engineering. Publications, 1903-[ongoing]
  RS 11/1/0/6: Information for Transfer Students, 1974-1997
  RS 11/1/1: Subject Files, 1870-[ongoing]
  RS 11/1/2: Biographical Files, 1904-[ongoing]
  RS 11/1/3: College of Engineering. Administrative Records, 1870-2012, undated
  RS 11/1/4: Engineering Computing Support Services, 1987-[ongoing]
  RS 11/1/5: College of Engineering. Honors and Awards Records
  RS 11/1/6: College of Engineering. Centers and Institutes Records
  RS 11/1/7: College of Engineering. Contracts and Grants Abstracts
  RS 11/1/11: Anson Marston Papers
  RS 11/1/12: Thomas R. Agg Papers
  RS 11/1/13: J. F. Downie Smith Papers
  RS 11/1/14: George R. Town Papers
  RS 11/1/15: David R. J. Boylan Papers
  RS 11/1/16: David Teh-Yu Kao Papers
  RS 11/1/17: James Melsa Papers
  RS 11/1/18: Mark Kushner Papers
  RS 11/1/19: Jonathan Wickert Papers
RS 11/2: Engineering Research Institute
  RS 11/2/0/0: News Clippings, 1966-1983
  RS 11/2/0/2: Newsletters, 1990-1992
  RS 11/2/0/3: Descriptive Brochures, 1976-1990
  RS 11/2/0/4: Publications, 1988-1992
  RS 11/2/0/6: Engineering Research Institute Reports, 1949-[ongoing]
  RS 11/2/0/7: Geotechnical Research Laboratory Reports
  RS 11/2/0/8: Transportation Research File,
  RS 11/2/1: Subject Files, 1903-1988
  RS 11/2/2: Biographical Files, 1903-[ongoing]
  RS 11/2/51: Robley Winfrey Papers
RS 11/3: Department of Aerospace Engineering
  RS 11/3/0/0: News Clippings
  RS 11/3/0/3: Brochures
 RS 11/3/0/4:Publications
 RS 11/3/0/5:Student Quiz
 RS 11/3/1:Subject Files, 1914-2012, undated
 RS 11/3/2:Biographical Files, 1916-[ongoing]
 RS 11/3/11:Wilbur C. Nelson File
 RS 11/3/12:Carl N. Sanford File
 RS 11/3/13:Ernest W. Anderson File
 RS 11/3/14:Robert F. Brodsky File
 RS 11/3/15:Lennox N. Wilson File
 RS 11/3/16:James D. Iverson Papers
 RS 11/3/17:David K. Holger File
 RS 11/3/18:Thomas J. Rudolphi File
 RS 11/3/19:Tom I-Ping Shih File
 RS 11/3/20:R. Wlezian File
 RS 11/3/51:John C. Tannehill Papers
 RS 11/3/52:Arthur Ackers Papers
 RS 11/3/53:Paul J. Hermann Papers
RS 11/4: Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  RS 11/4/0/0: News Clippings, 1916-[ongoing]
  RS 11/4/0/1: Annual Reports, 1932, 1997
  RS 11/4/0/2: Newsletters, 1982-2008
  RS 11/4/0/3: Descriptive Brochures, circa 1970-1996, undated
  RS 11/4/0/4: Publications, 1969-1992
  RS 11/4/0/5: Alumni Newsletters, 1939-1941
  RS 11/4/1: Subject Files, 1900-[ongoing]
  RS 11/4/2: Biographical Files, 1917-[ongoing]
  RS 11/4/11: George A. Gabriel Papers
  RS 11/4/14: Orland Russell Sweeney Papers
  RS 11/4/15: Grover Leon Bridger Papers
  RS 11/4/16: Morton Smutz Papers
  RS 11/4/17: George Burnet Papers
  RS 11/4/18: Maurice A. Larson Papers
  RS 11/4/19: Richard C. Seagrave Papers
  RS 11/4/20: Terry S. King Papers
  RS 11/4/21: Charles E. Glatz Papers
  RS 11/4/22: James C. Hill Papers
  RS 11/4/23: Surya Malapragada Papers
  RS 11/4/51: Lionel K. Arnold Papers
  RS 11/4/52: Burrell F. Ruth Papers
RS 11/5: Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
  RS 11/5/0/0: News Clippings, 1928-[ongoing]
  RS 11/5/0/1: Annual Reports, 1899-2003
  RS 11/5/0/2: Newsletters, 1928-[ongoing]
  RS 11/5/0/3: Descriptive Brochures, 1898-[ongoing]
  RS 11/5/0/4: Publications, 1967-[ongoing]
  RS 11/5/1: Subject Files, 1899-[ongoing]
  RS 11/5/2: Biographical Files, 1892-[ongoing]
  RS 11/5/3: Civil Engineering Surveying Summer Camp: Camp Marston
  RS 11/5/4: Construction Engineering Program Records
  RS 11/5/12: Almon H. Fuller Papers
  RS 11/5/13: Lowell O. Stewart Papers
  RS 11/5/14: Carl E. Ekberg, Jr. Papers
  RS 11/5/15: Richard R. Dague Papers
  RS 11/5/16: Lowell F. Greimann Papers
  RS 11/5/17: James E. Alleman Papers
  RS 11/5/51: Donna Lutz Papers
  RS 11/5/52: Rudolph J. Lubsen Papers
  RS 11/5/53: John L. Cleasby Papers
  RS 11/5/54: Max Porter Papers
  RS 11/5/55: E. Robert Baumann Papers
  RS 11/5/56: Kenneth F. Dunker Papers
  RS 11/5/57: James M. Hoover Papers
  RS 11/5/58: Robert E. Abendroth Papers
RS 11/6: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  RS 11/6/0/0: News Clippings, 1916-[ongoing]
  RS 11/6/0/1: Annual Reports, 1902-1913, 1997
  RS 11/6/0/2: Newsletters, 1967-[ongoing]
  RS 11/6/0/3: Descriptive Brochures, 1966-[ongoing]
  RS 11/6/0/4: Publications, 2004-[ongoing]
  RS 11/6/0/5: Double E Dispatch and Monthly EE Dispatch, 1962-1974
  RS 11/6/0/7: Curriculum Meeting Notes and Agendas, 1972-1981
  RS 11/6/1: Subject Files, 1934-[ongoing]
  RS 11/6/2: Biographical Files, 1916-[ongoing]
  RS 11/6/11: Fred A. Fish Papers
  RS 11/6/13: Mervin S. Coover Papers
  RS 11/6/14: Warren B. Boast Papers
  RS 11/6/15: Julius O. Kopplin Papers
  RS 11/6/16: Randall Geiger Papers
  RS 11/6/17: S. S. "Mani" Venkata Papers
  RS 11/6/18: Arun Somani Papers
  RS 11/6/19: David Jiles Papers
  RS 11/6/51: Benjamin S. Willis Papers
  RS 11/6/52: James W. Nilsson Papers
  RS 11/6/53: John D. Ryder Papers
  RS 11/6/54: Charles T. Wright Papers
  RS 11/6/55: Wallace C. Caldwell Papers
RS 11/7: Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics
  RS 11/7/0/0: News Clippings, 1956-1999
  RS 11/7/0/2: Newsletters, 1986
  RS 11/7/0/3: Descriptive Brochures, undated
  RS 11/7/0/4: Publications, 2000, undated
  RS 11/7/1: Subject Files, 1938-1969
  RS 11/7/2: Biographical FIles, 1930-2008
  RS 11/7/11: Herbert J. Gilkey Papers
  RS 11/7/14: Harry Weiss Papers
  RS 11/7/15: Frank Rizzo Papers
  RS 11/7/51: George Pagels Papers
RS 11/8: Division of Engineering Fundamentals and Multidisciplinary Design
  RS 11/8/2: Biographical Files, 1940-2008
  RS 11/8/3: Administrative Records, 1939-1995
  RS 11/8/11: Oscar A. Olson Papers
  RS 11/8/12: James S. Rising Papers
  RS 11/8/13: Charles G. Sanders Papers
  RS 11/8/14: Arvid D. Eide Papers
  RS 11/8/51: Cheryl Moller-Wong Papers
RS 11/9: Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  RS 11/9/0/0: News Clippings, 1961-[ongoing]
  RS 11/9/0/2: Newsletters, 1935-[ongoing]
  RS 11/9/0/3: Descriptive Brochures, circa 1970-1996, undated
  RS 11/9/1: Subject Files
  RS 11/9/2: Biographical Files
  RS 11/9/4: Industry Advisory Council Records
  RS 11/9/12: Frank D. Paine Papers
  RS 11/9/13: Joseph K. Walkup Papers
  RS 11/9/14: Wilbur L. Meier Papers
  RS 11/9/15: Keith L. McRoberts Papers
  RS 11/9/16: Way Kuo Papers
  RS 11/9/17: Pius J. Egbelu Papers
  RS 11/9/18: Patrick Patterson Papers
  RS 11/9/19: Gary Mirka Papers
  RS 11/9/51: Richard Squires Papers
  RS 11/9/52: Carolyn D. Heising Papers (pdf file)
  RS 11/9/53: Geraldine Montag Papers
RS 11/10: Department of Mechanical Engineering
  RS 11/10/0/0: News Clippings, 1957-[ongoing]
  RS 11/10/0/2: Newsletters, 1983-1993
  RS 11/10/0/3: Descriptive Brochures, 1969-1996
  RS 11/10/1: Subject Files, 1891-[ongoing]
  RS 11/10/2: Biographical Files, 1908-[ongoing]
  RS 11/10/13: Charles W. Scribner Papers
  RS 11/10/14: George W. Bissell Papers
  RS 11/10/15: Warren H. Meeker Papers
  RS 11/10/16: Neil P. Bailey Papers
  RS 11/10/17: Mark P. Cleghorn Papers
  RS 11/10/18: David L. Arm Papers
  RS 11/10/19: Henry Montgomery Black Papers
  RS 11/10/20: Robert C. Fellinger Papers
  RS 11/10/21: Arthur C. Bergles Papers
  RS 11/10/22: James E. Bernard Papers
  RS 11/10/23: Ted H. Okiishi Papers
  RS 11/10/24: Shyam Bahadur Papers
  RS 11/10/25: Warren Richard DeVries Papers
  RS 11/10/26: Judith Vance Papers
  RS 11/10/51: Leo C. Peters Papers
  RS 11/10/52: George Junkhan Papers
  RS 11/10/53: Charles Mischke Papers
RS 11/11: Department of Nuclear Engineering
  RS 11/11/0/0: News Clippings, 1957-2002
  RS 11/11/0/3: Descriptive Brochures, 1973-1977, undated
  RS 11/11/0/4: Publications, 1967
  RS 11/11/1: Subject Files, 1959-1989
  RS 11/11/2: Biographical Files, 1961-2008
  RS 11/11/11: Glenn Murphy Papers (pdf file)
  RS 11/11/12: Bernard I. Spinrad Papers
RS 11/12: Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  RS 11/12/0/0: News Clippings, 1978-[ongoing]
  RS 11/12/0/2: Newsletters, 1986-2004
  RS 11/12/0/3: Descriptive Brochures, 1984-2004
  RS 11/12/0/4: Publications, 2006
  RS 11/12/2: Biographical Files, 1917-[ongoing]
  RS 11/12/3: Department of Ceramic Engineering Records, 1900-1975
  RS 11/12/4: Department of Metallurgy Records, 1959-1975
  RS 11/12/5: Administrative Records, 1975-[ongoing]
  RS 11/12/15: Paul E. Cox Papers
  RS 11/12/16: Charles M. Dodd Papers
  RS 11/12/51: John W. Patterson Papers
  RS 11/12/52: Karl A. Gschneidner Papers (pdf file)
  RS 11/12/53: Monroe S. Wechsler Papers
  RS 11/12/54: Dan Shechtman Collection