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Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

Family and Consumer Sciences

Women in agriculture (manuscripts only)

Women's social networks, societies, and clubs (manuscripts only)

Additional Women's Collections (a selection)

Adams Family Papers


Agricultural Engineering Women's Club

RS 20/2/8

Ames Business and Professional Women's Club


Association for Women in Communications Records


Mary Barton Fashion Illustration Collection

RS 21/7/9

Janice A. Beran Papers

RS 10/7/52

Margaret J. Black Papers

Susan Carlson Papers RS 3/1/51

Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics

RS 13/21/1

Carrie Chapman Catt Papers

RS 21/7/3

Barbara Ellen Forker Papers

RS 10/7/13

Lorris Foster Foster Scrapbook

RS 21/7/147

Bessie Gerstenberger Papers

RS 21/7/106

Germaine G. Guiot Papers

RS 10/7/12

Hortense Butler Heywood Papers


Iowa Master Farm Homemakers Guild Records


Iowa Farm Bureau Federation Women's Committee Records


Iowa Organization of Women for Agriculture (I.O.W.A.)


Iowa State University. Department of Military Science Curtiss-Wright Engineering Cadettes Program Records

RS 13/16/4

Iowa State University Women's Club

RS 20/2/3

Iowa Women's Political Caucus

RS 22/4/0/1

League of Women Voters of Ames


Catherine J. MacKay Papers

RS 12/1/11

Jean Nickerson Patterson, Curtiss-Wright Engineering Cadettes Records

RS 21/7/148

Tracy Regan Papers

RS 21/7/154

Lottie M. Rogers Scrapbook

RS 21/7/149

Ruth Megchelsen Sabine Scrapbook

RS 21/7/141

Dorothy Hubbard Schwieder Papers

RS 13/12/54

September 29th Movement

RS 22/3/3

Sloss Women's Center

RS 3/6

Society of Women Engineers. Iowa State Chapter Records

RS 22/5/0/9

Mary Jean Logan Sweet, Curtiss-Wright Engineering Cadettes Records

RS 21/7/197

Ruth Bowman Swenson Papers

RS 13/1/51

Winifred R. Tilden Papers

RS 10/7/11

Betty Toman Papers

RS 10/7/51

Mary B. (Mary Beaumont) Welch Papers

RS 12/3/11

Alda and Elmina Wilson Papers

RS 21/7/24

Dorleen E. (Aulerich) Witt Scrapbooks

RS 21/7/174

Woman Suffrage Collection


YWCA of Ames-ISU Records

RS 22/10/0/2