Margaret Young Science Fiction Collection


Here is a brief listing of books included in the Margaret Young science fiction collection.


Aldiss, B.

Galaxies like grains of sand

No time like tomorrow


Anderson, P.

Corridors of time

Enemy stars

Guardians of time

High crusade

Strangers from earth

Three hearts and three lions

Asimov, Isaac

Earth is room enough

End of eternity

Lucky starr and the moons of Jupiter

Man who upset the universe

Martian way

*Pebble in the sky

Second foundation; galactic empire

Ballard, J.

Drowned world

Passport to eternity

Wind from nowhere

Balmer, E.

When worlds collide

Baxter, John

**Off-Worlders (Carter, Lin: Star magicians)

Bensen, D.

Unknown five

Bester, A.

Dark side of the earth


Blish, James

Case of conscience

Frozen year

Galactic cluster

*Jack of eagles

New dreams this morning

Seedling stars

So close to home


*Warriors of day

Year 2018

Bowen, J.

After the rain

Bend, N.

Exiles of time

No time like the future

Bratchett, Leigh

**Nemesis from Terra (Silverberg, Robert: Collision course)

Bradbury, Ray

Farenheit 451

Golden apples of the sun

Illustrated man

Martian chronicles

October country

Something wicked this way comes

Brown, F.

Angels and spaceships

Lights in the sky are stars

Rogue in space

Space on my hands

Budrys, A.

Budrys’ inferno

Falling torch

Rogue moon

Unexpected dimension

Butler, S.


Capek, K.

War with the newts’

Carr, R.

Beyond infinity

Carter, Lin

Man who loved Mars

**Man without a planet (Rackham, John: Time to live)

Campbell, J.

Who goes there?

Chandler, A. Bertram

**Coils of time (Chandler: Into the alternative universe)

**Space mercenaries (Petaja, Emil: Caves of Mars)

Charbonneau, L.

Corpus earthling

Christopher, J.

Long winter

Ragged edge

Twenty-second century

Clarke, Arthur C.

Against the fall of night

Childhood’s end


Expedition to earth

Fall of moondust

*Prelude to space

Reach for tomorrow

Sands of Mars

Tales from the white hart

Tales of ten worlds

Time probe

Clement, H.

Circle of fire

Clingerman, M.

Cupful of space

Cogswell, T.

Wall around the world

Collier, J.

Fancies and good-nights

Conklin, G.

Crossroads in time

In the grip of terror

Operation future

Science fiction galaxy

Six great short novels of science fiction

Thinking machine

Thirteen great stories of science fiction

Worlds of when

Cooper, E.

Deadly image

Crane, R.

Hero’s walk

Crossen, K.

Year of consent

Cummings, Ray

**Beyond the vanishing point (Bulmer, Kenneth: Secret of Zi)

Brigand of the moon

Princess of the atom

De Camp, L. Sprague

Castle of iron

Continent makers

**Hand of Zei (De Camp: Search for Zei)

*Lest darkness fall

Del Rey, L.


Rockets through space

Delany, S.

Ballad of beta-2

Derleth, A.

Beachheads in space

Outer reaches

Other side of the moon

Portals of tomorrow

Strange ports of call

Dickson, Gordon

**Mankind on the run (Norton, Andre: Crossroads of time)

Dikty, T.

Five tales from tomorrow

Duncan, D.

Beyond Eden

Occam’s razor

Farmer, P.


Strange relations

Federbush, A.

Man who lived in inner space

Finney, Charles

The Circus of Dr. Lao

Finney, J.

Third level

Fles, B.

Saturday Evening Post fantasy stories

Foster, R.

Rest must die

Franklin, Jay

*Rat race

Golding, William (and John Wyndham and Mervyn Peake)

Sometimes, never: three tales of imagination

Gordon, R.

First on Mars

Graves, R.

Watch the north wind rise

Gunn, J.

Future imperfect

Hamilton, Edmond

*City at world’s end

Haunted stars

**Yank at Valhalla (Rocklynne, Ross: Sun destroyers)

Harrison, H.

Death world

Planet of the damned

Healy, R.

More adventures in time and space

New tales of space and time

Heinlein, R.

Assignment in eternity

Between planets

Citizen of the galaxy

Day after tomorrow

Door into summer

Glory road

Green hills of earth

Man who sold the moon

Menace from earth

Methuselah’s children

Revolt in 2100

Rocketship Galileo

Starman Jones

Time for the stars

Henderson, Z.

People: no different flesh

Pilgrimage: the book of the people

Holden, R.

Snow fury

Howard, I.

Escape to earth

Howard, Robert

**Conan the Barbarian (Brackett, Leigh: Sword of Rhiannon)

Hoyle, F.

Black cloud

Hubbard, L.

Two novels

Huxley, Aldous

Brave new world

Jameson, Malcolm

*Tarnished utopia

Jones, D.


Jones, Raymond


Leinster, Murray

**Gateway to elsewhere (Van Vogt: Weapon shops of Isher)

Lesser, Milton

**Recruit for Andromeda (Knox, Calvin: Plot against Earth)

Kersh, G.

On an odd mote

Knight, D.

Century of great short science fiction novels

Century of science fiction

Hell’s pavement

Shape of things

Kornbluth, C.


Marching morons

Knox, Calvin

**Lest we forget thee, Earth (Gallen, Raymond: People minus X)

Kuttner, H.

Ahead of time

Bypass to otherness

Destination: infinity

Return to otherness

Le Fanu, J. Sheridan

Room in the dragon inn

Leiber, F.

Green millennium

Leinster, Murray

*Black galaxy

Creatures of the abyss

*Last spaceship

Monster from earth’s end

Operation: outer space

**Other side of here (Van Vogt: One against eternity)

Space tug

Leonard, J.

Flight into space

Lewis, C.

Out of the silent planet


Tortured planet

Lovecraft, H.

Best supernatural stories

Cry horror

Dunwich horror

Lurking fear and others

Survivor and others

Weird shadow over Innmouth

Maine, C.

Tide went out

Mantley, J.

27th day

Margulies, L.

My best science fiction story

Race to the stars

Three from out there

Matheson, R.

I am legend

Shores of space

Shrinking man

McClary, T.

Rebirth; when everyone forgot

McIntosh, J.

Born leader

One in three hundred

World out of mind

Mead, H.

Bright phoenix

Merril, J.

Beyond the barriers of space and time

Galaxy of ghouls

Out of bounds

Shadow on the hearth

Tomorrow people

Merritt, A.

Burn witch burn

Metal monster

Merwin, Sam, Jr.

*House of many worlds

*Keller to come

Miller, W.

Canticle for Leibowitz

Mills, R.

A decade of fantasy and science fiction

Worlds of science fiction

Mitchell, J. Leslie

*Three go back

Moorcock, M.

Ice schooner

Moore, C.

Northwest of earth


Munn, H.

King of the world’s edge

Noel, S.

We who survived

Norton, Andre

**Daybreak…2250 A.D. (Padgett, Louis: Beyond Earth’s gates)

Quest crosstime

**Star born bound (Piper, H. Beam: Planet for Texans)

Star gate

Time traders

Nuetzel, C.

If this goes on

Oliver, C.

Another kind

Shadows in the sun

Unearthly neighbors

Padgett, Lewis

Line to tomorrow

*Well of the worlds

Pangborn, E.

West of the sun

Phillips, R.

World of if

Piper, H.

Space Viking

Pohl, F.

Alternating currents

Assignment in tomorrow

Beyond the end of time

Case against tomorrow

Drunkard’s walk

Man who ate the world

Search the sky

Shadow of tomorrow


Tomorrow times seven

Turn left at Thursday


Pratt, Fletcher

Double in space

Undying fire

Reed, David

*Murder in space

Russell, Eric

Deep space

Men, Martians, and machines

*Sinister barrier

**Three to conquer (Williams, Robert: Doomsday Eve)

Saberhagen, Fred

**Water of thought (Rackham, John: We, the Venusians)

Schmitz, J.

Agent of Vega

Sheckley, R.

Citizen in space

Shards of space

Untouched by human hands

Shiel, Mathew Phipps

Purple cloud

Shute, N.

In the wet

On the beach

Simak, Clifford



Ring around the sun

Time and again

Time is the simplest thing

Worlds without end

Sloane, W.

To walk the night

Smith, E.

Skylark Duquesne

Skylark of space

Smith, G.

Operation interstellar

Space plague

Sohl, J.

Altered ego

Costigan’s needle

Point ultimate

Transcendent man

Stapledon, Olaf

*Odd John

Stern, P.

Great tales of fantasy and imagination

Sturgeon, T.


Dreaming jewels

E pluribus unicorn

More than human

Not without sorcery

Taine, John

Greatest adventure

*Seeds of life

Temple, William F.

*Four sided triangle

Tenn, W.

Human angle

Of all possible worlds

Outsiders: children of wonder

Time in advance

Torgenson, Ira

**Starhaven (Hamilton, Edward: Sun smasher)

Tucker, Wilson

*City in the Sea

Long loud silence

**To the Tombaugh station (Anderson, Paul: Earthman, go home!)

Wild talent

Van Vogt, A.

Away and beyond

Destination: universe

Mission: interplanetary

Mission to the stars


**Universe maker (Van Vogt: World of Null-A)

Vance, J.

To live forever

Verne, Jules

From the earth to the moon

Journey to the center of the earth

Off on a comet

Vonnegut, Kurt

Cat’s cradle

Player piano  (republished by Bantam as Utopia 14)

Weinbaum, S.

Black flame

Wells, H.G.

First men in the moon

Island of Dr. Moreau

Shape of things to come

When the sleeper wakes

West, W.

Birds of time

Lord of Atlantis

Wilhelm, K.

Mile-long spaceship

Williamson, Jack

Dragon’s island


*Legion of space

Wilson, R.

Those idiots from Earth

Wollheim, Donald

Adventures on other planets

End of the world

**Men on the Moon (Leinster, Murray: City on the Moon)

Pocketbook of science fiction

**Tales of outer space (Wollheim: Adventures in the far future)

Wright, S. Fowler


*Worlds below

Wylie, P.

After worlds collide


Wyndham, J.

Midwich cuckoos

Out of the deeps

Outward urge


The day of the triffids

Trouble with lichens


*Galaxy Science Fiction Novel

**Ace Double Novel Books

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