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Name MS Number
AAA Motor Club of Iowa MS-553
Aaberg, Herman C. MS-117
AACC International (pdf file) MS-252
Adams Family MS-010
Adams, Bertrand R. MS-255
Adams, William M. MS-304
Aden Family (Pomeroy, Iowa) Photographs MS-609
Agribusiness Accountability Project MS-068
Agricultural Machinery Product Literature Collection MS-232
Agricultural Policy Working Group MS-503
Agricultural Property Rights Association MS-415
Agricultural Publications Files of the Progressive Farmer Collection MS-219
Agriculture Day MS-066
Albin Clothing Store MS-433
Allee, George M. MS-136
Allen, Esther E. MS-671
Allen, George E. and Sewell E. Allen MS-081
Allen, Phil. NFO Broadcast Tapes MS-660
Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation MS-618
Allin, Bushrod W. MS-011
Almanac Collection MS-233
American Academy on Veterinary Disaster Medicine, Inc MS-679
American Agriculture Movement MS-463
American Agricultural Marketing Association Broiler Program MS-601
American Association of Avian Pathologists MS-430
American Association of Equine Practitioners MS-435
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Education and Technology Division MS-263
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Professional Marketing and Public Relations Committee Records MS-644
American Association of Feed Microscopists MS-423
American Association of Industrial Veterinarians MS-547
American Association of University Professors. Iowa Conference MS-098
American Association of University Women. Ames Chapter MS-340
American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians MS-487
American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists MS-475
American Association of Veterinary State Boards MS-402
American College of Theriogenologists MS-465
American College of Veterinary Microbiologists MS-439
American College of Veterinary Pathologists (pdf file) MS-420
American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine MS-557
American Entomologist Records MS-643
American Farm Bureau Federation MS-479
American Geological Institute. Women Geoscientists Committee MS-370
American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association MS-450
American Institute of Architects (Iowa Chapter) MS-446
American Institute of Banking. Des Moines Chapter MS-498
American Leptospirosis Research Conference MS-447
American Phytopathological Society MS-175
American School of Wildlife Protection MS-133
American Society for Personnel Administrators. Cyclone Chapter MS-545
American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology MS-426
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers MS-440
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Arkansas Section MS-115
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Kansas Section MS-114
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Mid-Central Region MS-134
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Quad City Section MS-698
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Tennessee Section MS-116
American Society of Agronomy MS-507
American Society of Agronomy. Iowa Chapter  MS-373
American Society of Andrology MS-410
American Society of Animal Science MS-566
American Society of Brewing Chemists MS-227
American Society of Landscape Architects, Distinguished American Gardens Illustrated Lecture MS-529
American Society of Landscape Architects Resource File,
Women in Landscape Architecture
American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Board on Minorities and Women MS-316
American Soybean Association MS-509
American Statistical Association MS-349
American Statistical Association. Chesapeake Chapter MS-214
American Statistical Association. Editorial Files MS-687
American Veterinary Medical History Society MS-287
Ames American Revolution Bicentennial Commission MS-074
Ames Business and Professional Women's Club MS-076
Ames Chapter of the Des Moines Metro Opera Guild Records MS-398
Ames Garden Club MS-203
Ames International Orchestra Festival Association MS-137
Ames Peace Network. Nerve Gas Task Force MS-161
Ames Rotary Club MS-094
Ames Soroptimist Club (see Soroptimist International of Ames) MS-544
Ames Town and Gown Chamber Music Association MS-350
Ames-Tilden Store MS-073
Anderson, Raymond F. MS-061
Anderson, Terry MS-272
Andrews, Elizur. Business Ledgers MS-332
Andrews, Harry and Harriet MS-469
Andrews, Timothy Langdon MS-623
Annals of Statistics. Arthur Cohen, editor MS-516
Annals of Statistics. Hans Kunsch, editor MS-649
Annals of Statistics. James O. Berger, editor MS-617
Annals of Statistics. Richard I. Savage, editor MS-513
Annals of Statistics. Rupert Miller, editor MS-514
Annals of Statistics. Willem Van Zwet, editor MS-515
AOAC International MS-477
AOAC International. Midwest Section MS-466
AOAC International. Northeast Section MS-448
Archer & Hayes Account Book MS-385
Argonne National Laboratory. Science Careers in Search of Women Conference MS-328
Armstrong, Ruth Gallup MS-029
Associated Country Women of the World Records MS-387
Associated Hybrid Producers MS-200
Association for Women Geoscientists (pdf file) MS-286
Association for Women Geoscientists. Denver Chapter MS-330
Association for Women in Communications MS-035
Association for Women in Communications. Student Chapters MS-103
Association of Official Seed Analysts MS-253
Baker, Dr. Edward L. MS-326
Baker, Frank H. MS-550
Baker, John C. MS-546
Barker, Celestia Lee MS-246
Barnett, Clay C. MS-024
Barry Company (The) MS-100
Baur, R. Edward MS-082
Beadle, George Wells MS-147
Bean, Floyd MS-055
Beardsley, John D. MS-079
Beck, F. Paul MS-037
Becker, Tom. Photographs MS-681
Beef Improvement Federation MS-270
Bennett, Charles Dana MS-239
Bennett, Hugh Hammond (pdf file) MS-164
Bentley, Kathie, editor. The History of Big Spring by Mary Bankes MS-302
Berg, Tosten O. MS-631
Bergeson, Rollo MS-309
Berkson, Joseph MS-575
Berry, Don Lytton MS-033
Besch, Robert E. MS-357
Bibliography of French Horn Music MS-552
Big Bluestem Audubon Society MS-592
Black Hawk County (Iowa) Association of Cooperatives MS-191
Black, Margaret J. MS-013
Black, Neal MS-078
Block Family MS-408
Bloom, John MS-658
Bodine, Cornelius MS-315
Book Dedication Collection MS-236
Borlaug, Norman E. MS-467
Bose, Raj C. MS-574
Bowers, Adrian L. MS-072
Bradley, Ralph A. MS-269
Breth, Fred MS-464
Briggs, Otis and Jennie Allen MS-670
Brooks, Nelson Account Book MS-384
Brown, Dr. E. C. MS-127
Brown, Woodward H. MS-502
Buffon, Georges Louis Leclerc, comte de. Lithographs MS-151
Burchett, Wayne O. and Gayle Carn MS-355
Burns, Lloyd D. MS-111
Burroughs, Rev. LeRoy S. (pdf file) MS-223
Bursztyn-Pettegrew, Dr. Hela MS-345
Burton, Verona Devine MS-278
Bussey, Cyrus. Civil War Reminiscences MS-606
Butts, Albert Parks MS-185
Camp, John E. MS-022
CARG of Iowa, Inc. MS-626
Carlson Family Glass Plate Negative Collection MS-586
Carson, Louise A. and Lucia St. John Cook MS-314
Cassady, Raymond W. MS-339
Center for Rural Affairs (pdf) MS-413
Central Iowa Tillage Expo MS-229
Chambers, John W., Civil War Diary MS-159
Chandler, George W. MS-095
Chapman, Charles W. Civil War Diary MS-591
Chapman, John Jay MS-244
Cherokee County Farm Bureau (Iowa) MS-093
Chevalier, Michel Correspondence with John Towne Danson MS-499
Chrystal, John MS-422
Citizens Action Committee for Fair Representation MS-131
Citizens Against River Pollution (CARP) MS-472
Citizens Committee for a Constitutional Convention (Iowa) MS-016
Citizens Committee to Eliminate Litter in Iowa MS-088
Citizens to End Animal Suffering and Exploitation MS-445
Citizens United for Responsible Energy MS-142
Citizens United for the Conservation of Underground Water, Inc. MS-222
Clark, Helen E. MS-295
Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies (COPSS) MS-519
Committee to Protect the Constitution MS-149
Common Threads MS-656
Community Action Research Group of Iowa, Inc. (CARG) MS-626
Consortium for International Crop Protection MS-484
Consumer Alert Agricultural Products File Collection MS-480
Control Agency MS-049
Cooperation and Cooperative Societies. Pamphlets MS-121
Cooperative Urban Teacher Education Program MS-280
Corn Belt Power Cooperative MS-443
Cornfield, Jerome MS-576
Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) MS-489
Crim, Charles A. MS-521
Crop Science Society of America MS-455
Curry, Jane - Women in Science Performance Script, 1996 MS-375
Dahlberg, Kenneth A. MS-560
Dancey, Jesse Samuel MS-023
Darrington, William E. MS-063
Darrow, Wayne MS-021
David, Vera MS-654
Davidson, Harold French MS-605
De Groot, Morris H. MS-561
de Planque, E. Gail MS-337
Dehner, John A. MS-146
Deppe, Carol Froning Papers MS-403
Des Moines Home Economics Association MS-611
Des Moines Metro Opera Guild. Ames Chapter MS-398
Devi, Sarvamangala J. N. MS-459
Dewel, Duane E. MS-046
Dorset, M. (Marion) MS-032
Douglass Mutual Livestock Association Records MS-333
Downing, Charles MS-220
Drache, Hiram M. MS-490
Dubuque Environmental Coordination Organization MS-627
DuMont, Philip A. MS-153
Eastern Iowa Veterinary Medical Association MS-416
Eklund Farm Supply Co. MS-177
Ellis and Ellis, Inc. MS-556
Entomological Society of America (pdf file) MS-488
Entomological Society of America. North Central Branch MS-174
Entomological Society of America. Pacific Branch MS-570
Erskine, Alden J. MS-085
Essay on the Powers of Government MS-240
Evolution/Creation Collection MS-181
Ewing, Sidney MS-608
Eyerly, Frank Rinehart MS-132
Fairbanks, Morse and Company and United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America Contract Negotiations Collection MS-042
Fairfield (Iowa) Bird Club MS-386
Farm Aid Ephemera Collection MS-394
Farm Crisis Committee MS-482
Farm Land Preservation Association, Inc. MS-108
Farmers and Ranchers Midwest Political Action Committee MS-192
Farmers Cooperative Shipping Association (Renwick, Iowa) MS-616
Farmers' Holiday Movement Collection MS-461
Farmers Transmission Line Lawsuits MS-089
Fedelchak, Marilyn MS-685
Federated Garden Clubs of Iowa MS-209
Fernelius, Dan MS-441
Fisher, C. Raymond MS-038
Fisher, Sherry Robert [United States. Public Land Law Review Commission] MS-007
Five Hundred Twenty First Association MS-504
Food Pamphlet Collection MS-237
Food and Household Product Advertising Guides and Publications Collection MS-381
Forbes, Calvin MS-276
Ford, Lee Ellen MS-348
Fort Dodge Laboratories MS-019
Fox, Michael Wilson MS-452
Frair, Wayne MS-299
Fritsch, Friedrich Photography Collection ( Garner, IA) MS-539
Gable, Asenath Hampton MS-112
Gardner, Ronald J. MS-594
Garst and Thomas Hybrid Corn Company MS-173
Garst Company Records MS-642
Garst Family MS-579
Garst, David MS-590
Garst, Stephen MS-639
Garvan Medalists Survey (Molly Gleiser) MS-678
Gaudineer, Lee H. MS-017
Geerdes, Clay. Photographs MS-630
Gerdes, R. MS-170
Gilkey, Herbert J. Airline, Busline and Railroad Schedule Collection MS-217
Gilkey, Herbert J. Postcard Collection MS-215
Gilkey, Herbert J. Travel Brochure Collection MS-216
Gilkey, Herbert J. World War I Memorabilia Collection MS-221
Gingles, W. W. Ledger Books MS-683
Girard, Madge Clark. Reminiscence MS-622
Gladioli Catalogs MS-369
Golemba, Beverly E. MS-307
Gordon, Fred O. MS-666
Grandin, Temple MS-344
Griffin, Stephen N. Business Account Ledger MS-383
Groomes, Edmund MS-054
Gross, C. J. (Dutch). Soybean Photographs MS-230
Guenther, William C. MS-569
Guernsey, Lamar R. MS-354
Hagedorn, Beatrice M. (Beatrice Mead) MS-294
Hall, L. Stone (Civil War Diary and Transcript, 1864-1865) MS-587
Hamilton, Charles K. MS-163
Hamilton, William MS-614
Handwritten Recipes and Lists Collection MS-517
Hanko, Charles W. MS-421
Hansen, Merle E. MS-595
Hanson, Henry L. MS-267
Hanyan Family MS-004
Harbor, William H. and Floyd H. Millen MS-018
Harding, Fann MS-320
Harker, Michael P. Photographs MS-661
Harris, Clemie M. MS-338
Hawkins, Cora Frear MS-228
Hearst, Charles J. MS-003
Hearth and Heather Club MS-140
Hempel, John G. MS-680
Heyer, Clair B. MS-334
Heying, Hilarius L. and Josephine MS-250
Heywood, Hortense Butler MS-194
Hired Hands Oral History Project MS-533
Hog Cholera Pamphlets and Reprints Collection MS-389
Holden Family MS-689
Holton Family Century Farm MS-086
Hood, Charles M. MS-195
Horton, Iva Brooks MS-183
Hostetter, John L. Civil War Diary MS-662
Hough, Emerson MS-310
Howard Healy Steam Traction Engines Collection MS-442
Howard, James R. MS-157
Hudek, Darlene/Rittgers, Lucy Agricultural Pamphlet Collection MS-374
Hurd, M. K. (Mary Krumboltz) MS-275
IFYE Association of the USA MS-695
IFYE Foundation of the USA MS-696
Institute of Mathematical Statistics MS-568
Institute of Mathematical Statistics Bulletin MS-324
International Crop Science Society MS-537
International Live Stock Exposition MS-506
International Pig Veterinary Society MS-559
International Textile and Apparel Association (pdf file) MS-342
International Veterinary Academy on Disaster Medicine MS-259
International Working Group on Legume Viruses MS-408
Intersociety Consortium for Plant Protection MS-412
Iota Sigma Pi MS-321
Iowa Academy of Science MS-052
Iowa Aerial Photograph Collection MS-336
Iowa Animal Health Advisory Committee MS-197
Iowa Association for Lifelong Learning (IALL) MS-485
Iowa Association of Business and Industry MS-454
Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives (pdf file) MS-040
Iowa Association of Family and Consumer Sciences MS-265
Iowa Association of Mutual Insurance Associations (see Mutual Insurance Association of Iowa) MS-051
Iowa Association of Naturalists MS-397
Iowa Audubon MS-669
Iowa Aviation Material MS-141
Iowa Bankers Association (pdf file) MS-045
Iowa Barn Foundation MS-284
Iowa Beef Processors MS-635
Iowa Central Railway Company Timetables MS-245
Iowa Century Farms MS-096
Iowa Citizens to Save the Ledges State Park MS-097
Iowa Civilian Conservation Corps Collection MS-188
Iowa Conservation Education Council MS-026
Iowa Corn Growers Association MS-473
Iowa Corn Promotion Board MS-495
Iowa Farm Bureau Federation MS-105
Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. Women's Committee MS-189
Iowa Farm Safety Council MS-319
Iowa Farmers Union (pdf file) MS-092
Iowa Farmstead Picture Collection MS-390
Iowa Forage and Grassland Council MS-697
Iowa Highway Map Collection MS-186
Iowa Gladiolus Societies MS-427
Iowa Good Roads Association MS-512
Iowa Grain and Feed Association MS-554
Iowa Hog Cholera Eradication Committee MS-202
Iowa Hunting Journal MS-647
Iowa Independent Bankers MS-549
Iowa Institute for Cooperatives (pdf file) MS-126
Iowa Livestock Feeders Association MS-047
Iowa Local History Collection MS-080
Iowa Manufacturers Association (see Iowa Association of Business and Industry) MS-454
Iowa Map Collection MS-391
Iowa Master Farm Homemakers Guild MS-060
Iowa Motor Truck Association MS-538
Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation MS-593
Iowa Natural Resources Council MS-104
Iowa Organization of Women for Agriculture (I.O.W.A.) MS-318
Iowa Ornithological Association Records MS-581
Iowa Ornithologists' Union MS-166
Iowa Pork Producers Association MS-158
Iowa Poultry Association MS-067
Iowa Press Photographers Association. Photographs MS-130
Iowa Private Presses Ephemera MS-414
Iowa Research Council MS-688
Iowa River Greenbelt Resource Trust Records MS-395
Iowa School Organization, Inc. MS-145
Iowa Seed and Nursery Pamphlets Collection MS-393
Iowa Seed Promotion Association MS-424
Iowa Sheet Music Collection MS-474
Iowa Socialist Party MS-211
Iowa Soil Conservation Districts MS-264
Iowa Soybean Association MS-062
Iowa Soybean Promotion Board MS-058
Iowa State Archery Association MS-653
Iowa State Dairy Association MS-065
Iowa State Grange Patrons of Husbandry MS-486
Iowa State Soil Conservation Committee Newspaper Scrapbooks MS-497
Iowa Public Interest Research Group MS-543
Iowa Tax Reform Action Coalition MS-168
Iowa Taxpayers Association MS-125
Iowa Train Photograph Collection MS-604
Iowa Turkey Federation MS-478
Iowa Veterinary Medical Association MS-039
Iowa Weather and Crop Bureau. Iowa Crop Statistics by Counties MS-291
Iowa Women Legislators Oral History Project MS-257
Iowa Women's Political Caucus MS-652
Iowa-Yucatan Partners of the Americas (.pdf file) MS-034
Iowans for Returnable Beverage Containers MS-138
Iowans for Right to Work MS-555
Iowans for WOI-TV, Inc. MS-584
Isely, Dwight MS-119
Isely, Helen MS-352
Izaak Walton League of America. Iowa Division MS-036
Jansen, A. R. MS-632
Jeanes, Allene Rosalind MS-335
Johnson, Howard C. MS-505
Johnson-Groh, Cindy Lee MS-353
Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics MS-323
Journal of the American Statistical Association MS-261
Kane, Thomas Joseph  MS-655
Kehe, Luvern W. MS-043
Kelman, Arthur MS-673
Kennedy, Edward E. MS-458
Kerr, Kathel Bedortha MS-648
Khrushchev Committee 50th Anniversary Event MS-615
King, Bertha Papers MS-405
Kisken, Bob. Photographs MS-596
Knapp, Joseph Grant MS-508
Knudson, Tom MS-399
Kopf, Kenneth MS-256
Kreger, Elmer L. MS-120
Lagerstrom, Edith and Torsten MS-372
Landscape Architecture Photographs MS-392
Landscape Architecture Plans MS-682
League for International Food Education MS-492
League of Women Voters of Ames MS-341
Leopold, Frederic MS-113
Lewis, Faye Cashatt MS-242
Lewis, John L. MS-468
Lippisch, Alexander MS-243
Little Sioux Watershed MS-106
Livestock Conservation Institute MS-077
Ludwig, Joseph MS-311
Lukacs, Eugene MS-282
Lynch, F. Dennis MS-356
Mabie, Charles MS-520
Manning, Warren H. (Warren Henry) MS-218
Manuscript Leaves and Ephemera Collection MS-030
Manuscript: Iron Metallurgy and Fabrication MS-376
Marimont, Rosalind B. MS-251
Massey Ferguson Collection MS-672
Master Brewers Association of the Americas MS-675
Mastitis Research Workers Conference MS-429
Mather Family MS-528
Mather, Katharine MS-351
McCall Family MS-001
McCartney, Ralph MS-418
McClelland, Dorothea Bryan MS-266
McNurlen, Keith A. MS-028
Meade Family MS-565
Meat packing ephemera MS-621
Megown, John William MS-101
Meier, Paul MS-268
Messerly, Francis L. MS-143
Mezvinsky, Edward M. MS-274
Mid-Continent Research and Development Council MS-128
Midwest Agricultural Chemical Association MS-102
Millen, Clifford Henry MS-193
Millen, Floyd H. and William H. Harbor MS-018
Miller, Leroy S. MS-009
Mills, William H. MS-417
Missouri Valley Adult Education Association MS-150
Mitchell, Edna C. (Edna Clark) MS-297
Mollenhoff, Clark MS-599
Moore, John MS-483
Moore, Ralph Hugh MS-456
Mordy, Wendell A. MS-667
Mosteller, Frederick MS-610
Murphy, Donald R. MS-155
Murphy, Zoe R. MS-162
Murray, John Stevenson MS-154
Mutual Insurance Association of Iowa MS-051
National Agri-Marketing Association MS-540
National Agri-Marketing Association. Iowa Chapter MS-057
National Agri-Marketing Association. Midwest Chapter MS-064
National Agri-Marketing Association. Missouri/Kansas Chapter MS-083
National Agriculture Day MS-066
National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants MS-165
National Association of Animal Breeders MS-494
National Association of Conservation Districts (pdf file) MS-460
National Association of Teacher Educators for Family and Consumer Sciences MS-288
National Beef Referendum MS-362
National Center for Appropriate Technology MS-367
National Coalition of Family and Consumer Sciences MS-607
National Crisis Action Rally MS-436
National Family Farm Coalition MS-548
National Farmers Organization MS-481
National Farmers Process Tax Recovery Association MS-044
National Farmers Union and National Council of Farmers Cooperatives MS-444
National Master Farm Homemakers Guild Records (Moore, Joan Papers) MS-437
National Swine Growers Council MS-235
Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society MS-364
Neel, George Samuel Civil War Diary MS-637
Negus, Jesse MS-124
Nelson, Rev. Laurence N. MS-025
New Alchemy Institute MS-254
Newspaper Farm Editors of America MS-633
North American Farm Alliance MS-501
North Central Weed Science Society MS-476
Nourse, Laura A. Sunderlin MS-139
Of Sugar Cane and Syrup MS-597
Olkin, Ingram MS-573
Olsen, Nils Andreas MS-006
One Thousand Friends of Iowa:  Citizens United for Responsible Land Use MS-612
Ormsby, George J. MS-109
Ornduff, Don MS-277
Oster Communications MS-296
Parker, John H. MS-312
Parker, Louise L. MS-014
Parry, Charles Christopher MS-290
Pascal, Descartes L. MS-091
Paulson, Aulger L. World War I Letters MS 686
Peckham Family Papers MS-665
Pellegreno, Ann MS-360
Pellett, Frank C. MS-144
Pellett, Frank C. Photographs MS-144A
People United for Rural Education (PURE) MS-300
Peterson Clothing/General Store (Slater, Iowa) Business Ledgers MS-603
Peterson, Daniel MS-518
Physical Plant Brochure Collection MS-407
Pierson, Lester A. / Pierson Family MS-620
Pine, Ronald MS-425
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. MS-542
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. Eastern Division MS-541
Pirated Books Collection MS-226
Plant Growth Regulator Society of America MS-434
Playmakers (Ames, Iowa) MS-224
Poland China Record Association MS-122
Political Ephemera Collection MS-651
Polk County [Iowa] Conservation Board MS-053
Poultry Science Association MS-071
Practical Farmers of Iowa MS-449
PrairieFire Rural Action MS-313
Prestele, Wilhelm Heinrich (William Henry). Prints MS-070
Professional Women in ANS (American Nuclear Society) Committee MS-289
Promise, Inc. MS-585
Public Land Law Review Commission MS-007
Pusey, John D. MS-241
Rae, George MS-002
Railroad Blueprints MS-571
Rath Packing Company (pdf file) MS-562
Ray, Harold Charles. Cartoon MS-231
Rayness, Gerard and Velma MS-059
Reasoner, Joseph C. MS-182
Reichardt, William J. MS-008
Reroute Crude Oil MS-156
Risser, James V., Jr. MS-438
Ritchie, Mark MS-510
Roach, Howard L. MS-056
Robertson, James MS-646
Robertson, Milton Sage MS-325
Robinson, J. W. MS-511
Robison, Martha Van Patter MS-298
Rolfe (Iowa) Community School, Color Slide Collection MS-600
Roscher, Nina M. MS-578
Rosene, Walter M. MS-589
Rossiter, Vincent E., Sr. (.pdf file) MS-258
Rudolph, Daniel Manuscript Ledgers MS-331
Runkel, Sylvan MS-619
Rural America MS-419
Rural American Women MS-366
Rural Coalition (.pdf file) MS-368
Russell, J. Stuart MS-012
Rutschky, C. W. MS-411
Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's "Discovering Engineering, A Summer Camp for Women" Collection MS-329
Saloutos, Theodore MS-396
Salyer, John Clark, Field Journal MS-677
Samson, Conrad MS-152
Save the Ledges Coalition MS-075
Sayre, Ruth Buxton MS-107
Schield, Vern L. MS-363
Schipull, Rudolf E. MS-176
Schlösser Iron Metallurgy and Fabrications Manuscript MS-376
Schultz, Hubert H. MS-496
Scott, George L. MS-041
Scott, Roy V. MS-361
Searl, Richard MS-167
Seed Company Sign Collection MS-199
Serendipity Club MS-358
Sharlin, Harold MS-084
Sharp, Norean Radke and Carol H. Fuller MS-306
Shaw, Warren C. MS-371
Shelley, Kate MS-684
Shepard, Hugh H. MS-005
Sherman, Althea R. MS-462
Sinden, Frank MS-322
Singleton, Mary F. MS-676
Sioux Electric Cooperative Association MS-069
Sisson, Robert and Mary Ann Civil War Letters (Photocopies) MS-663
Smith Kline and French MS-522
Smith, Harry H. MS-050
Smith, Warren Allen MS-178
Socialist Workers Party. Farm Protests Collection MS-249
Society for the Study of Reproduction MS-196
Society of Nematologists (pdf file) MS-212
Soil and Water Conservation Society MS-279
Soil Science Society of America MS-567
Solomon, Herbert MS-572
Somerville, Mary Fairfax MS-668
Soroptimist International of Ames MS-544
Southern Weed Science Society MS-431
Soybean Council of America MS-453
Sparks, J.W. (State Center, Iowa) Glass Plate Negatives MS-692
Spira, Henry MS-470
Spring Hill Coal Company MS-031
Stanley, Autumn (pdf file) MS-659
Steffen, Robert MS-135
Story County [Iowa] Ag-Land Preservation Association MS-169
Story County Pheasants Forever MS-238
Story County Women’s Political Caucus MS-657
Stout, Earl Jonathan MS-172
Stromberg Poultry Farm and Hatchery MS-123
Subotnik, Rena F. MS-327
Sweet, Orville K. MS-641
Syndergaard, Ardis Jean Carr. Reminiscences MS-535
Takken, Suzanne MS-523
Talbot, Phillips MS-090
Taylor Family MS-428
Tennessee Alternative Growers Association MS-365
Terrill, Thomas M. MS-690
Texas Soil Conservation Districts MS-206
Thoenes, Jürgen (Karl Julius Alexander Thoenes Biography) MS-664
Thomas and Thomas MS-099
Thompson, Glen Songbook and Pamphlet Collection MS-401
Thompson, Ordella J. Photograph Scrapbooks MS-532
Thoreau, Henry David Ephemera Collection MS-404
Tilden Store Company MS-073
Tilden/Brown Family MS-247
Tonsfeldt, Wallis R. MS-558
Tonso, Karen L. Papers MS-382
Touchae, Lawrence (Pat) MS-129
Ullem, Benjamin MS-234
Underground Comix Collection MS-636
Underwood, Sarah MS-694
Unification Church Collection MS-110
United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers/Fairbanks, Morse & Co. MS-042
United Farmers of Story County [Iowa] MS-204
United States. Federal Emergency Relief Administration. Central Nursery School MS-292
United States. Soil Conservation Service Hydrologic Laboratory (Spartanburg, South Carolina) MS-180
United States. Soil Conservation Service Oral History Collection MS-198
United States. Soil Conservation Service Photograph Collection MS-179
United States. Work Projects Administration (Iowa) Project Photographs MS-260
United States. Work Projects Administration (Iowa). Professional and Service Division Scrapbooks MS-293
United States. Works Progress Administration (Iowa) Special Reports and Narratives of Projects MS-409
United States v. John David Provoo Collection MS-536
Urban Street and Highway Research Association MS-087
Urban, Nelson MS-118
Van Zandt Family MS-213
Veteran Civilian Conservation Corps Camp #2725 Scrapbook MS-674
Vetter, Betty M. MS-582
Vibber, R. S. MS-205
Voices from the Land: An Oral History Documentation Project MS-638
Wallaces' Farmer. Editorial Records MS-207
Waller, Ephraim E. MS-347
Waller, Reed. Underground Comix Artwork Collection MS-400
Walters, Charles. National Farmers Organization Papers MS-588
Wartime Household Guides and Recipe Books MS-380
Watt, Bernice K. (Bernice Kunerth) MS-271
Weber, Evelyn J. MS-273
Weed Science Society of America MS-027
Wegman, Edward J. MS-262
Weide, Kenneth D. MS-301
Weinberg, Stanley MS-640
Weitz Corporation MS-285
Wessman, John H. and Helen Sheet Music Collection MS-377
Western Society of Weed Science MS-308
Western Veterinary Conference MS-305
Westrope, Perry A. Penmanship Scrapbook MS-613
Whiterock Conservancy MS-691
Whitley, Guyon MS-148
Wildlife Publication Collection MS-359
Wildlife Society. Iowa Chapter MS-015
Wilson, Margaret MS-160
Winborn, John Thomas MS-190
WISE Oral History Collection MS-379
Woman Suffrage Collection MS-471
Women in Chemistry Oral History Project MS-650
Women Involved in Farm Economics (WIFE) MS-317
Women, Food and Agriculture Network Collection MS-534
Women's Helpful Birthday Club (Story County, Iowa) MS-201
Wood-Gush, David MS-451
Woodroffe, Fleeta Brownell MS-406
Woollcott, Alexander. Letter MS-248
World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology MS-283
World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians MS-281
World War II Ration Memorabilia Collection MS-388
World weeds: natural histories and distribution Records MS-645